The Art of Bounce-Back-Ability: 4 Loving Lessons in Resilience

The call them "life changing experiences" for a reason don't they? Those moments that shake us to our core and potentially change the very fabric of who we are. 

Interestingly, those are the moment in which we both need and develop resiliency. 

While others define it as your ability to handle a challenge, in my book The Warrior's Journey: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Entrepreneur I propose a new definition: bounce-back-ability!

The fine, but not so delicate art of picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and continuing on.

Let's be real: life and entrepreneurship certainly give us A LOT of these!

From the stress of all the technology, to attracting new leads, running launches, serving your clients the to-do list can feel like its never ending.

Especially for solopreneurs or those of us with small (but mighty and growing) teams, it's incredibly important to learn how to:

Connect With Other Like Minded Entrepreneurs: Having a support system of people around you that get it and know the emotional rollercoaster that is business ownership first hand!


Find Compassion For Yourself: "We're all a work in progress" I like to say! However in the hard moments our minds love to hyper focus on the problems and run us in self sabotaging circles. this is where learning to be gentle with yourself comes in very handy...not always easy, but always worth the effort.


Tap Into Curiosity: Although it may be difficult sometimes, taking the perspective that every situation gives is the gift of what you were looking for or the opportunity to learn and grow is often helpful. Truthfully the deep level of insight may take time to reveal itself, especially in hard or intense moments, but trusting that you have the tools to make it through brings peace in the rocky moments.


Cultivate Growth: After you've weathered the storm, pause to reflect on the lessons and growth that you've received from the experience. You are not the same person. So take some time to consider what the next steps are and what you might be being called to cultivate or create now as the next steps of your path unfold.

Enjoyed these tips and want to go deeper into them so you can learn how to cultivate resilience when life throws you a curve ball?

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