Are you running yourself ragged working nonstop all day?



Then you need to take a POWER PAUSE! These sessions are the glue that holds you together so you stay calm, cool, and collected in any situation.

Take a quick break to breathe, move, and energize yourself so you can boost your productivity and performance with my "Energy Fix Blueprint".

Yes! I TOTALLY need take a break.

Be Strong

Keep your body toned and pain free so you walk into any room feeling lit up with magnetic confidence

Be Calm

De-stress your mind so you can easily focus and stay on task as you handle challenges gracefully 

Be Flexible

Keep your body in balance so you can move with lightness and as you enjoy all the activities you love

Are you checking all the boxes in your life except the most important one: Taking care of YOURSELF?


On the outside you've got it all: the gorgeous house, fulfilling work, and the life you LOVE. You're driven, successful, and making BIG moves, but what's all of that costing you?

Besides your energy, joy, relationships, and more....

You've got so many things on the go that you can't ever seem to stop but your body hurts all the time and feels like it's aging too fast.

You need to take a Power Pause! 

These 20 minute sessions are the equivalent to a sixty minute massage for full body health and anti-aging (without the fuzzy after massage brain or wild hair after!).

Each one of these innovative sessions are customized JUST FOR YOU: Your body, goals, your mood, energy, and whatever is going on in your day. 

Expertly weaving together Yoga poses, stretches, breathing, and relaxation techniques I will ensure the session is exactly what you need!

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Chronic Stress plagues our modern society and wreaks havoc on our health.

Percent of people who regularly
experience physical symptoms
caused by stress



Regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress
Feel they are living with
extreme stress
Feel their stress has increased
over the past five years

No more nagging that you aren't resting or slowing down enough!

It's time for you to learn EXACTLY how to take a much needed break without even leaving the office so you can:

  • Be the patient and grounded leader that you truly are because you aren't frazzled and cranky all the time
  • Keep your body strong, flexible, and fit so you age gracefully
  • Reset your energy and your mood so you don't lose your cool when things get hectic
  • Finish your day with energy and time to spare so you can actually enjoy your life
  • Finally achieve the elusive work life balance!


Have Energy All Day

Keep your energy up all day as you avoid the afternoon crash and brain fog

Get More Done

Stay focused and on point so you  finish your to do list easily

Feel Happy and Inspired

Tap into more joy and creativity to bring fresh perspective into your day


Are you SO exhausted you feel like you could put your head down on your desk and fall asleep in seconds?

Then click the button below to get instant access my free Energy Boost Blueprint so you can take a quick much needed break (without even leaving the office!)