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Transform Your Business and Life With the Ancient Wisdom Of Yoga-

Even If You Can’t Touch Your Toes, Stand On One Foot, or Quiet Your Mind For Longer Than 3 Seconds! 

Discover 7 timeless tools for sustainable success in the new book:

"The Warrior's Journey"

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This is definitely NOT your typical self-help Yoga book!


Instead it is a COMPASS that will help you weave it's transformative teachings into your business and daily life...


This innovative guidebook is your gateway to an inner world of purpose, resilience, and authentic confidence that will help you:


> Navigate the wild rollercoaster of life like a stealthy Ninja

> Take command of the sh*tty committee in your head 

> Master the art of bounce-back-ability to stay in flow

> Wake the Warrior Within you to charge forward on your mission!

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If the statement: “Success Is An Inside Job” has left you  wondering what the heck that actually means...

Then you're gonna LOVE this book!


Giving you a totally fresh perspective on Yoga, 


The Warrior's Journey:

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Entrepreneur


will show you how to make the inner shifts needed to see the external results you’re craving. 


So even if you feel as graceful as an elephant, as flexible as a steel rod, and have a mind busier than Grand Central Station on a Friday you’ll be able to put this ancient toolset to use in your busy modern life! 

 Guiding you through breath-work, mini meditations, journaling explorations, and embodiment practices, this book is a fully integrative and transformative mind, body, and spirit experience!

Now the question is:

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you see yourself and your Yoga practice so you can create the health, happiness, and success you deserve?

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You need a proven expert to guide you on your journey!


Megan has helped hundreds of people around the world be vibrantly healthy and happy in her 17 years as a personal trainer and yoga instructor!

However, there was a moment when she found herself in a crumpled heap on the floor, exhausted and burnt out.

Maybe you can relate?

Not knowing what to do, she turned to what had helped her in the past: Yoga.

So she went on a journey deep into the practice on a quest for change, direction, and strength.

It was there that she found her Warrior Within and it empowered her so much that she had to pay it forward....and share it with others. 

Which she is thrilled to do with you in this upcoming book! 


As an award winning speaker who has shared the virtual stage with Les Brown and Jack Canfield, Megan has been called an influential thought leader by The Los Angeles Tribune. 

On a mission to help people to feel AH-mazing. she loves to serve people all around the world virtually and locally on Maui, Hawaii.


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