Free Out of Pain and Into Power Workshop

Does working at your desk all day leave you so PHYSICALLY DRAINED and IN PAIN that you feel like you’re twice your age?
No butts about it, you totally need this information and not just for ass-thetic reasons 🍑😂 if you want to:
😫NOT feel like you're living in a body 2X your actual age that has to make "old people" noises as you grunt and groan to stand up or sit down
🍑Wake up your sleeping booty (which YES, is totally a thing that happens you sit on it all day!) so you sit, stand, and walk tall with confidence
😎Learn 1 powerful Yoga move you can do anywhere (even in line at the bank) to have more energy and less pain (with no mat required)!

Here’s what else you’ll learn at this free workshop:

  • Simple moves you can do to avoid rounding over into keyboard hunchback posture
  • What you really need to do to keep your body strong and healthy…now and for years to come
  • Prevent afternoon brain fog so you get things done and still have lots of time and energy to do what you love!  

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Is the nagging pain in your neck and back distracting you and draining your energy?

Press PAUSE on your busy life with this free 10 minute "Yoga at My Desk" video to instantly feel better!