Taking Control of Your Energy and Mind: The 3 Pillars to Being a Purposeful Powerhouse

Have you ever wondered why some business owners seem to have it all together and success flowing on autopilot?

I certainly did. I struggled for a long time, trying every strategy, hoping all over the place with my offers, not really sure what I was doing. I was the burnt out, exhausted epitome of what I now call "The Worn Out Entrepreneur". 

That is until I uncovered 3 questions that hands down absolutely changed my life! I dive deep into these in my podcast episode Taking Control of Your Energy and Mind: The 3 Pillars to Being a Purposeful Powerhouse which you can listen to here.

But here's a run down them if you're ready to get off the stress express and become the Purposeful Powerhouse CEO that you truly are: 

Question 1: What Are You No Longer Available For?

You've got to know what you're ready to leave behind before you can actually do so. Gently explore what thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions you are committing to stopping. Make a list and go into detail so you can keep your eyes, ears, and heart peeled for when they try to sneak back in.

Question 2: What Is Your Vision for Your Life?

With clarity on what you no longer want, now you can transition to the second question: What is your vision for your life? Paint a vivid picture of the desired future. What does it look like, feel like, and make possible for you? What are the emotions you will feel when you're living it? *These are the magic sauce that we explore lots deeper in the episode so make sure to listen here.

Question 3: How can you live into it now?

Armed with newfound clarity and vision, its time for you to decide how you will make it happen. Map out the practical steps of making your aspirations a reality and make a plan to stay in alignment with it throughout the day. In the episode we explore the most effective way to do that so make to listen for that.

These 3 questions will help you form the pillars of being a Purposeful Powerhouse CEO who knows how to think, move, and show up on purpose! And when you live into them you will be begin to get a sense of how powerful you truly are (spoiler alert, which is WAY more than you give yourself credit for).

The journey from burnout to brilliance is a decision, a commitment to being the Purposeful Powerhouse CEO of your own life. With the three transformative questions and pillars in hand, you'll have the tools to shape our destiny, break free from old patterns, and embrace the purposeful power within.

Are you ready to embark on this journey? The adventure awaits, click here to listen to my newest podcast episode where we dive deep into this.


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