Your breath and your voice are needed

To say that the last few months have been intense is a massive understatement. 

We have been navigating the waves of hundreds of thousands of innocent people being infected with a virus that has changed our day to day lives drastically.

Now we are seeing massive waves of change initiated by another disease: racism and hatred.

This is one that infected the minds of many for hundreds of years, and has weaseled its way into the system that governs us. And like the corona virus it is now causing a massive upheaval, one that is LONG overdue. 

I find it interesting to observe that both waves have one very vital thing in common: THE BREATH. 

A respiratory virus stops us in our tracks, and then an innocent man pleading to breathe calls the world into action. 

An extremely tragic irony since the breath itself is one of the many things that connect us all as humans. 

So as you read these words do yourself a massive favor and take a deep breath, be present with it, appreciate it, love it, and use it to connect to your heart. 

And from this place of center: your heart, ask yourself: how will I use my breath, my voice, my presence to do what is right and take action to help end racism. 

How can you educate yourself? 

How can you support populations that have been oppressed for hundreds of years?

How can you be an ally?

The journey is just beginning, and we are all being called to stand up and do what is right in whatever form we feel called to. 

We are being called through the life force that connects us all, OUR BREATH to take action. Your breath, your voice is needed please use it to END RACISM in all forms. 


We all have a lot to learn from each other and that happens through listening to each other. Being compassionate to each other. Being kind to each other. 

So let's start there.

And from there how can you lend your voice to the choir of humanity?

Because you my friend are an integral part of our human family and you are loved! 


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