Try this powerful Yoga tool for stress relief!


You've probably heard that Yoga has lots of tools for stress relief right? IT DOES! 

But if you are feeling so stressed out that your mind is running a mile a minute and your TO-DO list stretches into next month it can be very difficult to sit and meditate.

I can totally relate to that and so can many of my clients! And if that sounds at all familiar to you too I have a powerful tool to share with you called Lotus Mudra.               


Mudras are typically hand positions that are used in the Yoga practice to help us channel our energy flow and quiet the mind AKA: meditate. They are often used in combination with a breathing technique that helps us draw our attention inwards and focus. 

By using multiple tools at once many people find that they are able to turn down the noisy chatter of the mind (at least temporarily) long enough to feel some peace and quiet. Because let's be real: when you are feeling wound up its SUPER hard to just sit still and breathe!

Since there are hundreds of mudras, each with its own benefits and meaning there are lots to choose from but I particularly love Lotus or Padma mudra because of the deeper meaning behind it and impact on the body.

Perhaps you've heard the expression: NO MUD, NO LOTUS?

This powerful teaching reminds us of the journey of the lotus flower from the muddy depths of the pond towards the light above where it blooms open.

The mud represents the inevitable storms and challenges that we all go through on our journey that shape us, teach us, and help us grow.


This beautiful teaching is represented in the mudra since the bottom of the hands stay together representing the mud. The pinkies and thumbs remain in contact as the other fingers open like the petals of the lotus would do as they bloom. As you keep you hands in the position take slow deep breaths, perhaps visualizing a flower opening as you gradually open your fingers apart. 

Stay for a few minutes and enjoy. Be gentle with yourself when your mind wanders just returning it back to the mudra and your breath!

This fun video of the mudra came from a morning Yoga at Work session with the great team at Sae Design! We practiced Lotus Mudra to remind ourselves of this powerful lesson so that we can stay open to the lessons of life and tap back in to the wisdom within us all the time and especially in challenging moments.

♥️The tools and teaching of Yoga are SO powerful, especially when we take them off the mat and into our lives!

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