Yikes: here's how years of slouching may impact the human body

I'd like to introduce you to someone! Have you met Emma? She is the colleague of the future or what someone is predicted to look like after 20 years of office work.......


It might look like a joke but it isn't. This model was created based on the input of 3000 office workers in the UK, Germany, and France and what they are dealing with currently. They mentioned things that probably sound familiar, such as: 

back pain, neck tension, headaches, eye strain, weight gain, stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, skin issues, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

Based on all the info that was shared the researchers created Emma: the colleague of the future.

Doesn't look good does it? Doesn't feel good either since she is predicted to have: a permanently rounded back, carry extra weight, have varicose veins, eye problems, headaches, high cholesterol, insulin sensitivity, and a host of other problems.

The main culprit behind these changes: sitting and slouching for long periods of time.

THE SOLUTION: Empower yourself with tools today to impact your health now and in the future!

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