Tap into your inner Warrior self with this free online workshop series


These are just some of the qualities of the Warrior.
The warrior that lives within each of us.
The warrior that is being called forth right now in this crazy, unprecedented time.

This is the warrior that we embody whenever we step onto the mat and into the Warrior poses.

Behind these powerful poses is an ancient story that teaches us many lessons about the Yoga practice, the journey of life, and ultimately about ourselves.

Like many other myths and parables, this ancient story is a wild one filled with anger, pain, lessons, and challenges that ultimately ends when the Warrior conquers it's opponent: his own mind.

In the process of that journey and the practice of the poses, the Warrior hones and refines essential qualities for life. Qualities that all of us already possess, we simply need to tap into them, activate them, and embody them on the mat and off!

Are you ready to awaken this inner warrior and become the fullest version of yourself?

Sign up for the Awaken Your Inner Warrior Workshop Series on April 15, 17, and 20, and 22nd

Join us for a free 4 part live workshop as we explore the Warrior Yoga poses and the timeless story behind them to help you:

  • use this ancient practice to tap into a deep well of internal wisdom and strength 
  • connect to your true self to cultivate deep presence and steady calm
  • activate and embody the qualities of the Warrior that you already posses, that are so needed right now

Sign up for the Awaken Your Inner Warrior Workshop Series on April 15, 17, and 20 and 22nd and to get you started receive a free 15 minute Warrior Wake Up Session that is a gratitude, Yoga and meditation practice all rolled into one!

Invite a fellow Warrior friend, the more the merrier!


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