Wake Up Your Sleeping Booty Workshop!

🍑😴SIT SIT SIT. Is sitting all day putting your booty to sleep?
Then maybe you're living the modern reality tale SLEEPING BOOTY and the SEVEN SYMPTOMS!
It may sound like a joke, but trust me it IS NOT!
With all the sitting we do its very common for people to develop SLEEPING BOOTY AKA: Numb bum AKA: Gluteal Amnesia (ie: your booty falls into a deep slumber from not being used).
Yep...it's a real thing.
😴How does your booty fall into this deep sleep? At the hands of the modern day villain: SITTING TOO MUCH!
As your Sleeping Booty falls into a deep slumber from not being used often and being sat upon so much along comes her crew The 7 Symptoms (ones you probably know all too well)!

🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏽SLOUCHY: Who’s in chronic keyboard slump

⬇️DROOPY: Who kinda sags along as things weaken

🔄FOGGY: Brain fog is the name of the game here with things in slow motion

😖ACHY: Aches, pains, and muscle strains all over

✖️TIGHTY: Not moving much much means muscles get tight and sore

😶NUMBY: Tingles in the fingers from Tighty? Or maybe just feeling emotional flat...yep that’s Numby’s doing.

🤬CRANKY: The worst of the all, when Cranky rallies the rest of the symptoms 💩 goes down

So, what is the 🔑 to wake Sleeping Booty? Alas, it is a powerful remedy that will awaken SB and resolve all the symptoms....all at once!!
This workshop will not only wake your booty from it's slumber, butt (😉😂) will also:
🍑 Wake up and strengthen your whole booty group (yes! there are 3 parts to your glutes and we are gonna work them all.....plus their support team)
🍑 Teach you moves you can do anywhere to fire up this calorie burning furnace (bonus because they also ease back pain and tension....yesss please 🔥🔥🔥)
🍑 Lift, tone, and tighten your whole backside (including but not limited to: your hamstrings, booty, lower, middle, and upper back...plus we'll throw your abs in there for balance and backup)

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