Stay connected with your team with online Yoga Sessions!

With the onset of the global pandemic of COVID-19, to say our lives have changed drastically is an understatement. Most of the world is being asked to stay at home, maintain distance from others when out in public, and maintain high standards of hygiene to slow the spread of the virus.

Likely millions of others, you may now be working from home which is a big shift to your daily routine and schedule. And for now this is a key part that you can play to help flatten the curve and reduce the number of people worldwide that are impacted. 

During this unprecedented time, it is vital that you do everything you can to stay healthy by keeping your immune system up and your stress levels down! While you know I am always a huge advocate for self care, I am suggesting that you kick those efforts into overdrive immediately and over these coming weeks.

Here's some ideas to help you with that: 

  • Journal: express your emotions and get clear on how you are feeling
  • Practice Gratitude: Listing 5 or more things you are thankful for is healing and helpful
  • Sleep well: This is key to staying healthy and keeping your immune function high
  • Make a project list: How can you make the most of your extra time?
  • Create a schedule: Routine is helpful to keep you motivated.
  • Eat less sugar: Sugar stunts your immune function for approximately 24 hours!
  • Breathe Deeply: Deep breaths are the #1 stress reduction tool
  • Quiet your mind: Join me every Thursday in the Yoga at My Desk Tribe for a free guided meditation to send loving kindness to the whole world, including yourself
  • Move your body: This is key for keeping tension and stress levels down! 
  • Stay connected to your community and team! Reach out (virtually) and stay in touch

Want a fun way to connect with your team members? Have an online group Yoga Session! Taking some time together to move, breathe, and stretch together is a fun team activity that eases stress and loneliness as it boosts morale.

Sessions are hosted over Zoom and can be of any length of time and style of Yoga ot exercise and don't require any extra equipment, unless they already have it at home. Email me  for more info! 

Are you a team of one? Check out my Yoga at My Desk Program for lots of great Yoga videos customized with stretches, exercises, and relaxation techniques that you can stream from any device whenever it works for your schedule.


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