Lessons from my latest travel adventure!

yoga Jun 25, 2019

Recently, I was so fortunate to be able to take 3 weeks off and travel to Canada, Ireland and Spain! I love to travel and explore the world so it was an absolutely wonderful experience. I believe that travel allows us to see ourselves and the world in a new way. Our eyes and hearts open to new sights, smells and experiences. These moments leave us feeling connected, inspired, expansive but also humbled by the vastness of life.

Ultimately, regardless of creed or color we are all so very alike. We love yummy food, delicious drinks, to sing, dance, and chat with friends, tell stories, be heard, be seen, to explore. And we all look more beautiful when we smile: eyes light up and hearts brighten and open.

Here are a few other nuggets from this latest adventure:

If you get the chance, visit the homeland of your clan. You might be surprised at how much of the culture and personality you already embody even if you have never lived there. Being in Ireland was a fascinating experience for me since 4 generations ago my family emigrated from there to Canada! Exploring the museums and relaxing in the pubs were equally as eye opening and taught me so much about the personality and culture of the people.

Take the TukTuk ride, it’s a fantastic way to see the city and who knows where you’ll end up. We hopped into one in Barcelona Spain and were given a close up view of amazing art, culture and the people. I highly recommend them, they are super fun!

Ask for help when you need it, people generally love to help if they can and it saves you loads of time. Funny isn’t it how sometimes we are reluctant to ask for help when it is so easy to do? Especially in a new place or another country its a great way to connect with people.

Speak slowly and listen carefully, it’s easier for everyone! It hadn’t occurred to me that I speak quickly until chatting with someone in Spain who politely asked me to slow down. When I did I realized how lightening fast I had been excitedly sharing in our conversation.

As always, traveling to far away lands and experiencing new cultures has left me feeling expanded and wanting more! I find it so wonderful to take take out of my day to day life and see how others live, try new things and see new places. I am so grateful for all of my adventures and my take away lessons from each one. Cant wait til next time!


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