Learn how to keep your heart healthy and happy at work!

You may not have realized it, but sitting for long hours (especially with weak, slouched posture) can be hard on your heart both physically and energetically. 

Think about it: when you sit down not much is happening in your body so your heart rate and your metabolism slow down a lot. Over time, this can cause:

  • creeping weight gain that is hard to lose
  • swelling or numbness in your legs and feet
  • an increase in blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

Since your body and mind are so inter-connected, being slouched over a keyboard for most of the day can often leave you: foggy in the head, stressed out, low energy, struggling with lack of motivation or inspiration, or heavy with feelings of sadness, apathy, or worry. 

Left unchecked over time this could easily lead to a whole host of issues with your health inside and out! Unfortunately, in people that sit for more than 6 hours everyday the rates of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, insomnia, and even depression are much higher than average. 

This means its vital that you know how to take care of your body and mind at work to keep your heart healthy and happy! And what a perfect time to learn this since February is heart month! 

Join me for a free live training  on Monday February 17th at 10amHST /12pm PST /3pmEST as I combine the wisdom of modern science with the ancient healing practice of Yoga to share:

  • how your posture is connected to your heart health emotionally and physically
  • the ABC's of strong posture
  • what to do to quickly lower your stress levels anytime, anywhere
  • moves you can do right at your desk to strengthen your core and posture for less tension and pain
  • how to lift your mood and energy with powerfully effective Yoga techniques

Sign up HERE for this live, interactive training to empower yourself with tools to optimize your health at work to live, move, and feel your best! 

Please help spread the love by sharing this post and inviting your friends and family that sit all day, they need these tools too! Make sure to register here for the free live training: Healthy and Happy Hearts at Work on Monday February 17th @10amHST/ 12pm PST/ 3pm EST. See you then!


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