Wanna boost your mental and physical firepower? Start in the morning!

As we round the corner into 2021 many people have new years resolutions on the brain. Regardless of what's on your list this year, accomplishing any of it depends on you.

Your goals depend on YOU. On how you feel. On your choices. On who and what you believe yourself to be. 

So once you've decided on your goals for the year, ask yourself: How does the version of me that has achieved those things show up in life? What are their priorities? What are some key characteristics of their personality that helped them achieve these things? 

Because you see my friend, we need to start from that place. As Stephen Covey said: "we need to begin with the end in mind".

And since that is the end result you are wanting to achieve, asking yourself those key questions is a great place to start. 

I bet that version of you makes it a point to:

  • keep their body strong a healthy
  • prioritize how they feel on every level of mind, body, and spirit
  • get centered in their best self and show up from that place everyday.

Once we tap into that version of yourself you can get a clear picture of who you need to BE everyday to achieve those goals as well as what you need to DO and what actions to take to HAVE all the results you are looking for. 

So if you want to boost your mental firepower to be able to get more done well in less time, feel strong, energized and focused ALL DAY start with your morning routine.

Take time for yourself everyday to set the tone for the day, get grounded, decide how you want to feel, do things like practice Yoga and exercise to keep yourself strong and healthy and then start your day.

I promise, even 10 minutes of time for yourself is a HUGE game changer!!!

*And I can bet that future version of you has a SOLID morning routine. 

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