Are you living the tale of Sleeping Booty and the 7 Symptoms?

,🍑Got SLEEPING BOOTY and the 7 symptoms?

😴How does sleeping booty fall into the deep slumber? At the hands of the modern day villain: sitting too much.

As booty falls into a deep sleep from never being used and being sat upon so much along comes her crew: The 7 Symptoms made up of......

🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏽SLOUCHY: Who’s in chronic keyboard slump

⬇️DROOPY: Who kinda sags along as things weaken

💨PUFFY: Hanging with Slouchy means huffin' and puffin short and shallow breaths

🔄FOGGY: Brain fog is the name of the game here with things in slow motion

✖️TIGHTY: Not loving much means muscles get tight and sore

😶NUMBY: Tingles in the fingers from Tighty? Or maybe just feeling emotional flat...yep that’s Numby’s doing.

🤬CRANKY: The worst of the all, Cranky rallies the rest of the symptoms 💩 goes down

What is the 🔑 to wake Sleeping Booty? Alas, it is an ancient remedy that will awaken SB and resolve all the symptoms....all at once!!


How: Awaken sleeping booty to walk tall and de-slouch. Breathe deeply for less stress and no fog in da head. Stretch out all the tight spots for free flow of energy, a clear mind and happy heart.

Bye bye Sleeping Booty!

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