Living on the GO GO GO: 4 Common Mistakes Keeping Entrepreneurs Anxious

Are you making these super common mistakes too that may be unknowingly driving up your anxiety and stress levels? The truth is many "Worn-Out Entrepreneurs" are!

I've been there myself and I see many of my clients doing these things as well, which is why I know them so well. I dive deep into them in this brand new episode of the Purposeful Powerhouse Podcast which you can check out here.

But here they are a quick glance: 

1) Powering through long hours of work telling yourself it will wear you out so you can sleep better tonight. Anxiety overdrive, that relentless cycle of stress and exhaustion, often leaves entrepreneurs feeling like captains of the Stress Express.

However, this approach only leads to increased stress and burnout, preventing us from reaching that resilient, connected awareness—the sweet spot between action and relaxation.

2) The All-or-Nothing Approach: Entrepreneurs are often drawn to the latest strategies and lifestyle trends, eagerly adopting them all at once. While practices like cold plunges, yoga, and new supplements can be beneficial, the challenge lies in maintaining consistency. The all-or-nothing approach can lead to stress, making it crucial to find a balanced routine that works for you without becoming a source of additional pressure.

3) Too Hard, Too Fast: Exercise is a powerful stress reliever, but high-intensity workouts without complementary practices to regulate the nervous system can backfire. Intense physical activity, coupled with an already stressed body, demands recovery, potentially adding to the overall burden. The key is finding a balance between challenging workouts and activities that support nervous system regulation.

4) Mind Over Matter: Allowing your mind to run the show is a common trap. The brain and mind may be distinct, but the mind, driven by subconscious patterns, often controls our actions. Unchecked, these patterns lead to self-sabotage, creating a feedback loop of stress and negative thoughts. Taking control of your thoughts, practicing self-awareness, and recognizing these patterns are crucial steps towards breaking free from the worn-out entrepreneur cycle.

Curious and want to learn more? Listen to the episode Living on the GO GO GO: 4 Common Mistakes Keeping Entrepreneurs Anxious here

If you're making any (or all) of these mistakes give yourself some grace, because now that you have this awareness you can begin to shift them (which I help you do in the episode).

Going from being a "Worn-Out Entrepreneur" to the "Purposeful Powerhouse CEO" you truly are is easy when you know the steps forward and can break these old habits. Make sure to listen to this recent podcast episode to learn how to do that!



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