4 tips for working remotely to help you keep your mind sane and your body healthy

The events of the last few weeks have meant major changes for all of us, to say the least! To minimize our contact with others and hopefully slow down and lessen the effects of the corona virus we are now being asked to distance ourselves socially.

And for many of us, this has meant the shift to working remotely from home. As someone who has been doing this for awhile already I would love to offer you some tips to make the best of this experience to keep your mind sane and your body healthy including taking Yoga Breaks throughout the day!

Tip #1: Set up a dedicated work space

No, you can't work from the couch or the bed, you need to be able to sit or stand up properly (ie: stay awake)! This means setting up a dedicated work space at a desk or table so that you can stay upright, alert, and actually get things done. 

Find a spot with good lighting, a proper chair and a surface area so you can lay out all the tools you need: computer, notepad, water, phone etc etc.

Bonus tip: Leave the sugary snacks in the kitchen or you may find they disappear before your eyes!

Tip #2: Maintain open communication with your team and/or leader

Humans are social creatures by nature and work is often a large source of interaction for people. This means is important to create a plan for communicating with people on your team via video conferencing, FaceTime etc so that you can check in with each other. This will help with accountability and prevent loneliness and isolation.

Bonus tip: Start the meeting by telling your team why you are grateful for them. Gratitude is an uplifting emotion that actually has immune boosting benefits.

Tip #3: Create a schedule for yourself

Working at home can mean lots of distractions (ie: the fridge, little ones, the fur babies, the tv etc etc) so it's important to accommodate for that and be able to still get things done. 

Take a look at what you need to accomplish that day. Figure out the 3 most important things and schedule those first and then plan the rest of the day accordingly. Make sure to allot for meals and movement breaks!

Bonus tip: Time blocking is a great technique to help you to work consistently for a set period of time (for example 25 minutes) and then take a break for 5 minutes. It helps to keep you in the zone and boost productivity and focus! 

Tip #4: Make time to move! 

When its time for a break: get up and move! Long hours on the computer effect your body in many ways: pain, weight gain, stress, increased blood pressure, making your breath shallow etc etc, none of which are exactly helpful. I've written on this lots already so feel free to check my BLOG for more info. 

Bonus tip: Yoga boosts your immune function in many ways, check out this post for more info.

While its ALWAYS important to keep your stress levels down and your immune function up it is INCREDIBLY essential right now! Thankfully Yoga has a host of tools to help you do that while also decreasing tension levels, helping you sleep better, helping you feel more calm and grounded: ie: keeping your mind sane and your body healthy! 

If you want more inspiration, grab my free and easy to follow Yoga Breaks Action Plan. It will help you take mini Yoga Breaks throughout your day to help you sit taller, ease tension, have more energy and increase your focus, creativity, and productivity. 

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