Sit, Stand, and Walk taller: A workshop to de-slouch yourself!

Technology is a staple in our modern lives, which is extremely helpful, but can definitely take a toll on your body.

Spending long hours sitting and working on your computer or phone can easily leave you dealing with:

  • chronic and nagging aches, pains, and tension
  • creeping weight gain that is hard to lose
  • muscles that are getting sleepy and weak from lack of use 
  • the posture of someone twice your age

You may not have realized it, but your mood and energy is strongly influenced by your posture. This means that slouching can:

  • drop your levels of motivation and inspiration
  • increase stress levels or feelings of anxiety, sadness, or worry
  • effect your confidence and outlook on life

Your mind and body are powerfully connected. Which is why strengthening your core muscles so that you sit, stand, and walk taller is super important to your overall health and vitality!

When you hold strong posture you:

Breathe betterlook and feel leaner, have less back and body pain, feel more at ease and confident in your body, have less stress, plus have more clarity, focus, and energy! 


Join me for the Sit, Stand, and Walk Taller Workshop on Saturday February 22nd from 10am-12pm at the HMSA Center beside Target in Kahului to learn:

  • The ABC's of Strong Posture
  • How posture effects your health and happiness
  • How to combine Yoga and exercise to bring your body into balance
  • Moves you can do anywhere, even right at your desk to strengthen your posture

Sign up here! 

You will also learn a 15 minute sequence you can do anywhere to activate chronically sleepy muscles (especially lower abs and backside) and strengthen key postural muscles to help you sit, stand, and walk taller ALL DAY LONG! 

Everyone will receive an exercise band to take home with them to use, plus a video of the sequence so you can follow along at home. 

Your health and happiness is an invaluable resource so don't you owe it to your present and future self to take action now?

Sign up for the workshop HERE and save $5 with Early Bird Registration before Feb 17th

Important details:

WHEN: Saturday February 22nd from 10am-12pm

WHERE: HMSA Center in Kahului, beside Target

COST: $30 (includes exercise band and how to video)

REGISTER: Here **Save $5 with Early Bird Registration before Feb 17th

Space is limited to 15 registrants and will sell out, so reserve your spot today! 



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