Under pressure: How slouching is taking a toll on us and what we can do about it right away!

It's hard to avoid. We may not even realize we are doing it. It's far more common that you might think.

What am I talking about?



We have only to look at this very telling photo to get a clear picture of what is happening to our spines when we slouch.


On the right we have Mr Blue, a shining example of strong posture. Notice how well aligned he is: ears over shoulders, shoulders stack over hips. This is the natural alignment of our spine; the one that allows easy movement, support for the spine, free flow of oxygen and energy.

On the left we have Mr Green: in the classically rounded over computer position. Notice how far forwards his shoulders are, not to mention his head! In a slouched C curve like this the amount of pressure on his lower back is 185 mm and his head is so far forward it is probably weighing in at 45 pounds. Likely rather uncomfortable to say the least!

So what can we do? Take regular movement breaks throughout the day, making sure to incorporate stretches and exercises that take us out of the C curve and back into the S curve of a neutral spine! Not only will they help us return to natural alignment, but they simultaneously strengthen the muscles that hold us there. Hooray for multitasking!

Sitting and standing tall is also great for:

  • reducing the load of pressure on your lower back
  • helping you breathe deeply since your diaphragm can move freely
  • promoting the free flow of energy and oxygen throughout your whole body
  • lifting your mood and confidence and reducing your risk of feeling of depression and anxiety since they are directly impacted by posture                                       

Try out this move that you can do anytime right at your desk!


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