Desk job giving you neck and shoulder pain? Mini Yoga Breaks will help!

Have you ever said to yourself: It's not worth doing ______________

(fill in the blank with: Yoga or Stretching or Exercising) because I only have a few minutes?

If you have, you are definitely not alone! Learn more in this week's Vitality Tip!

It's funny how sometimes we use this logic on ourselves right?

By telling yourself: unless I have X amount of time, it's really not going to do any good or make me feel any better. FALSE! 

The truth is: every little bit counts and does have the potential to make you feel better! 

But the mind can be a funny thing sometimes. Talking you out of taking a few minutes to move, breath,  and stretch by spinning a story about how its pretty much a waste of time unless you can do it for a long time......weird logic! 

The truth is it is ideal to be moving your body frequently throughout the day, by getting up often, changing positions, moving around etc...all things that may not happen that often when you are working on a computer.

We all know how it is to have gotten so far into "the zone" that hours can pass by without even going to the bathroom!

And while this is great for getting things done it might have left you with neck and shoulder pain, stiffness in your hips and lower back, swelling in your feet and ankles and your booty getting sleepy and flat. NOT IDEAL! 

While it is lovely and luxurious to spend an hour doing Yoga, that might not be realistic during your workday.

That's why a even just couple minutes of Yoga is perfect for:

  • taking you out of the computer slouch position
  • getting your blood moving (great for circulation and heart health!)
  • easing tension and pain 
  • boosting your energy
  • taking your stress level down a couple notches! 

Check out this Vitality Tip for more info on why every little bit counts! 

Need some inspiration of what to do for your Yoga Breaks? Check out my free mini course to ease your neck and shoulder tension! Learn moves to ease pain and stiffness and others strengthen your upper back so you can sit taller with stronger posture.

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