Stress Less: Virtual Workshop

As we navigate this unprecedented time and ever changing work arrangements, people around the world are reporting higher stress levels than ever. 

And while stress shows up differently in people, it has very similar effects for many such as:

  • tension, pain, headaches
  • difficulty focusing, making decisions, and being forgetful
  • irritability, insomnia, low energy
  • shock, with-drawl, anxiety, depression

Coupled with the fact that chronic stress is a major risk for illness and mental health challenges, it is absolutely essential that your team has the tools that they need to lower stress levels naturally!

Empower yourself with practical and research backed techniques to stress less with this virtual workshop:

STRESS LESS: Tools and Techniques You Can Use Anywhere 


This virtual workshop will help you understand stress, know exactly how to reduce it, and what to do today to build inner resilience to promote a deep sense of calm and ease.


*Email me for more info about group rates and private group sessions! See below for important info for team leaders.


Takeaways from the workshop will include:

  • clear ways to recognize the signs and symptoms of stress 
  • practical tools to reduce its effects that boost overall health and wellbeing
  • essential techniques to build physical, mental, and emotional resilience 
  • mindfulness and relaxation techniques to promote centered awareness 
  • a simple and highly effective Yoga at My Desk stretch sequence to ease tension and pain that can be done anywhere (even right at a desk!) 
  • a customized plan of action and resources to easily integrate all of this into the work day



~Workshop can be also be done privately for your group or team and customized to meet your teams needs and schedule. Several options available including:  60 minute session, 45 minute session or multiple sessions of varying lengths to allow for more practice time of the techniques taught. 

~Additional resources may be added such as videos teaching the techniques or breathing/mindfulness sequences for ongoing usage 

For more information on group rates or options please email Megan

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