Think working out will prevent sitting disease? Think again!

You work out, you get enough sleep, and drink half your body weight in water everyday and if you are like most people you will think this is enough to stay healthy....but here's the crazy thing: it isn't. Many people mistakenly believe that just because they exercise regularly that sitting all day won't effect them. But unfortunately this just isn't true. Even people that work out on a regular basis are still at risk for sitting disease.

Sitting disease...what's that?

Sitting disease is a collection of risk factors used to describe the negative health impacts of a sedentary (or in-active) lifestyle. These risk factors include: obesity around the mid section, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high blood cholesterol. These factors make it far more likely that someone will get injured, get sick more often, get diabetes, develop chronic disease and even die younger.

Given that people sit anywhere from 7.8 to 11 hours a day sitting disease is becoming an epidemic in many industrialized nations. 



In the average day someone will sit at breakfast, drive to work, sit for most of the workday, drive home, sit for dinner and then sit for leisure time.


1 hour of exercise WILL NOT alleviate the impacts of being inactive for most of the day! 


Here's just a few things that happen during long periods of prolonged sitting:

  • blood flow slows throughout your entire body, especially to the lower body
  • metabolism drops significantly meaning less calories are burnt and more are stored
  • slouched posture makes it harder to breathe deeply so oxygen levels drop by 30%

Human beings were designed to move more throughout the day, yet technology has changed that significantly. So even those with the best intentions and regular exercise habits might be feeling the brunt of sitting so much.

What can we do to counter the ill effects of the chair? Take Yoga breaks throughout the day!

Taking regular movement breaks to get away from the screen and the chair are shown to:

  • increase blood flow throughout your whole body for more energy
  • deepen your breath to allow oxygen rich blood to your brain for creativity and inspiration
  • activate your muscles for healthy joints, tissues and metabolism
  • strengthen your posture for an uplifted mood, outlook and relationships with others
  • focus and quiet your mind to boost your concentration lower your stress levels!

Yoga breaks are an efficient and highly effective way to optimize physical and mental health to enhance your efficiency, creativity and productivity all day at work!

The key is to get up and moving frequently throughout the day!

Ready to take a Yoga Break now? Click here  to grab a "5 Ways to Take a 1 Minute Yoga Break at Your Desk" Cheatsheet!



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