No bones about it: Yoga is amazing!

By now I'm sure that you have realized that Yoga has a long list of benefits such as relieving back pain and neck tension, lowering your stress level and boosting your productivity to name just a few! But did you know that it helps you build strong and healthy bones too?

Pretty awesome right?

In the poses we are placing our joints in a variety of positions which helps to circulate their fluid and stimulates renewal of cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

Simultaneously, the bones are isometrically subjected to forces many times those of gravity, which causes them to grow stronger.


Yoga uses such a variety of positions that it stimulates the muscles and joints from all sides! Which is also fantastic for building strength AND maintaining flexibility. 

This signals the mechanosensor cells within our bones called osteocytes, which then recruit osteoblasts, the cells that build new bone, telling them it’s time to get to work.

Within 10 seconds of being under load, the bone begins to remodel itself to strengthen to resist the load more effectively!


This is key because bone mass begins to decline gradually with age so it is essential that we are doing things to maintain it.

Research shows us that the best way to fortify our bones is by doing weight bearing exercises, like Yoga.

Since it is zero impact, Yoga is a valuable tool for maintaining healthy strong bones to ward off osteopenia (bone weakening) and osteoporosis (fragile, brittle bones) without jarring impact.

Bonus points for Yoga because because we are also simultaneously improving our balance, strength, coordination and range of motion.


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