NEW Strong and Steady Workshop!

What are you doing to keep your brain healthy?
Maybe you've never been asked that before or even considered it....
I certainly hadn't until my Grandmother was diagnosed with dementia.
But after she was, the thought of not having my memories, recognizing my loved ones, or knowing myself terrified me and sent me on a mission.
I went on a mission to learn what can be done to keep your brain healthy and sharp for as long as possible!
And guess what I learned?
That one of the most powerful ways to keep your brain sharp (and your heart and body healthy at the same time which is a HUGE plus) is a combination of both physical and mental exercise!
Wanna learn how to do a workout that will help you keep your brain and body healthy and strong for decades to come?
Then join me on Tuesday for the STRONG & STEADY workshop to learn how to:
🌟 Do a workout that will get your heart pumping and your metabolism revved up (you won't even need any extra equipment or lots of exercise experience)
🌟Use meditation to cultivate a deep sense of calm and presence (even if you've never mediated before or if you have tried it but it never seemed to work for you)
🌟 Keep your body and brain happy for years to come (even if you don't have lots of time!)
Click the link below and make a decision your future self with LOVE you for that is a total no brainer 😉😉😉 at only $9 👇👇👇

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