Is the hippo in your head happy?

Are you ready for a happy hippo 🦛 in your head? Maybe? 

Trust me, it might sound weird but its actually a very good thing! Let me explain!

Here's why that's important and why you should care about the hippo in your head: Your hippocampus is the part of limbic system in your brain and is integral for the formation of new memories, accessing older ones, and plays a direct role in learning and with your emotions.

As with all parts of your brain it is effected by stress and undergoes normal changes as you age.

However this part in particular is found to be one of the first parts of the brain effected by Alzheimer's disease so it is VERY important that you are proactive in keeping it healthy! 

And guess what the best way for you to do that is: EXERCISE!

Studies find that a combination of both physical exercises (especially cardio) and mental exercise (meditation in particular) is key for helping you generate new brain cells and also make sure those same cells mature.

This combo can boost the size of your hippocampus as well as even reverse any damage that's already happened! 

Talk about a WIN WIN that is well worth your time!

That’s exactly what I’ll be teaching you how to do in this innovative STRONG & STEADY mini workshop so you can improve your memory, be happier, AND strengthen your whole body in one powerful session!

In this LIVE workshop you'll learn how to do ONE session that will:

🌟Strengthen and tone your whole body

🌟 Leaving you feeling lit up and energized

🌟 Boost your brain health and help you feel happier instantly using a unique combination of cardio and calm!

HAPPENING TUESDAY JULY 20th @4:30pm PST/ 7:30pm EST!

**Yes, a replay will be available if you can't make it live or if something comes up!**

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