Back to School, Back to You Challenge Starting Monday September 9th

It's back to school time so that means it's the perfect time to get back into your routine too!
Life can be busy and work gets hectic so that means its super important that you take care of yourself!
This 5 day mini challenge is the perfect way to kick that off and give you tools to:
-ease chronic tension in your neck and shoulders
-strengthen your muscles so you stand and walk taller
-have consistent energy all day long
-lower your stress levels
-boost your focus and creativity to get more done!
All in just a few minutes everyday because Yoga is amazing like that ;)
Ready to sign up? Right on! You can by joining the Yoga at My Desk Tribe here
Because it works on many systems and parts of your body simultaneously Yoga is the ultimate vehicle to help you optimize your health on all levels!
The hard truth is that sitting can take a big toll on your body so it is vital that you take breaks throughout the day to move, stretch and breathe so why not make it fun and easy?
This challenge will do that for you!
Each day I will post a short video in the Yoga at My Desk Tribe guiding you through a Yoga Break that you can do right at your desk.
After you've taken your Yoga Break comment on the video to let us know that you are done. This gives accountability and support as others will cheer you on too, and you them!
Easy right? AND FUN!
Do you know friends that would like this too? Invite them to join the tribe, the more the merrier!
Sign up for the challenge and join the Yoga at My Desk Tribe HERE !

Is the nagging pain in your neck and back distracting you and draining your energy?

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