FREE Silence Your Inner Critic Workshop!

🌟It’s time you started giving yourself your own gold stars 🌟

I still remember the moment that I figured out that as much as I desperately wanted someone to  tell me that YES:

I was good enough

Smart enough

And gosh darn it, people do like me πŸ˜‚

That the voice I REALLLLLY wanted and needed to hear it from was….my own 🀯 🀯 🀯

I realized that I couldn't wait ANY longer or until I had the $10K launch or had 10K followers or some other crazy pants goals I set for myself to FINALLY:

>Believe I could do it

>See myself as awesome

>Trust that I really could show up and help people

That those things had to happen NOW!! That they needed to happen NOW if I had any hope at all in getting anywhere close to those goals.

Wanna learn how to do that too? Yay you do! Because its high time you:

🌟Find proof of how awesome you ALREADY are (SPOILER ALERT: There’s lots. The brain however likes to tell us otherwise...)

🌟Be willing to celebrate the progress you’ve already made (which is WAY MORE than the smack talker in your head will have you believe)

🌟 Silence the NEGATIVE COMMITTEE in your head and to give yourself your own gold stars

Then its time to be OUT WITH THE DOUBT and tell you inner critic SHUSHHHH IT

So you can show up from a powerful place of knowing πŸ€“

Walk tall with confidence and pride πŸ‘‘

And own your magic πŸ¦„!!

Join me for a free workshop with ABSOLUTELY no sales pitch (none. I pinky swear promise) series on June 1 and 2 @12pm PST.

Because you deserve all the gold stars in the world just as you are. Never mind what the voice in your head says….because your heart πŸ’“ knows different. Trust me.

See you there right? Save your spot here!


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