Feeling stressed? Try this mindfulness technique

Life as we knew it has shifted drastically, which means for many stress has been a constant companion which is understandable.

However, since stress is a know contributor to a weakened immune system as well as a risk faction for disease and mental health challenge doing things on a regular basis to lower it is absolutely needed.

Thankfully, the number one tool for bringing your stress level down quickly is one that is also right under your nose....your breath. 

Slow deep breathing is a sure fire way to help yourself feel more centered. 

Next time you feel yourself getting overwhelmed try this:

  • Take a deep slow breath in and then let it out super slowly through your mouth. Repeat 5x
  • Breathe in again and ask yourself: How do I feel right now? This helps you become aware and present. 
  • Label or name the feeling with judgement
  • Continue to breathe deeply and ask yourself: Do I want to stay in this state? If not what are 3 simple steps I can take to shift my inner state right now?

An exercise like this helps you practice mindfulness by becoming aware and activates the higher thinking centers in your brain and shifts you out of the emotional ones which helps you feel more grounded and clear.

*Plus the deep breathing shifts your body out of the fight or flight state into one that is more relaxed.

Doing things like this in the moment and on a regular basis is a great way to become more mindful and present and lower your stress overall.

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Remember: self care is invaluable and is essential to you feeling good and being able to show up fully in your life and work. So make time for yourself today, you deserve it!



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