Don't Make This Mistake In Your Workouts!

Are you making this mistake in your workouts?

With all the push up and squat challenges flying around the internet having people do 1000’s of reps in a day I’ve gotta share something with you.

If you’re doing those exercises without doing this first not only are you likely not getting as much out of them but you could be putting yourself at risk for injury.

So what am I talking about?

Warm-ing up your backside. Yes, specifically your booty when it comes to your leg workouts but also the whole back side of your body. 

It’s VITAL! Why? Well the reality of our modern life is we all sit (ahem slouch a lot…in fact you may even be doing both right now…or at least until you read that.

All this inactivity can cause the muscles on the back of your body to get sleepy from lack of use. Hello…Sleeping Booty! Technically its, called gluteal amnesia, but you get the idea. All that sitting can cause it to drift off into a deep slumber and weaken from lack of use.

So if you jump up and jump right into a workout or these challenges without warming up your booty and back muscles you just won’t get as much out of them, your form will likely suffer, and it could cause pain or injury. 

Not saying that to scare you of course, just want you to be aware and get the most out of your exercise routine.

Doing the moves are still good provided you’re doing them correctly but you’re missing out.

It’s kinda like when you’re sick and eating a delicious meal. You’re still getting the benefit of eating, but its no where close to the same thing. 

So, here's the fix: Before you dive into those moves, make sure to wake up that beautiful booty and get your whole backside fired up so you’re in strong posture! 🔥

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