Wanna win the battle of the slouch?

😳 Did you know that most people sit for more than 8 hours everyday? 😳

And let’s be real: most of that sitting is actually slouching. So if you spend most of your day working on your computer or phone keep reading!

Lemme know if any of this sounds familiar:
-nagging aches and pains in your body that distract you all day long
-your booty is literally asleep because you sit on it so much
-constantly chasing more energy all day long and then exhausted at end of the day
-you know you could get more done if you didn’t feel so spacey and foggy
-stress, frustration, and overwhelm show up way too often and leaving you feeling stuck and unmotivated

Here’s the thing: I know that you have a lot on your TO DO list and because of that making time to take care of yourself somehow seems to slide to the bottom of the list. Am I right?

I get it!! But what if you had a way to:

-wake up your sleeping booty so you walk tall with confidence
-relax the nagging pains in the neck and back
-tap into steady focus, creativity, and inspiration
-feel energized and empowered to charge after your big dreams?

Working on the computer all day can leave you feeling like the hunchback of Notre Dame's long lost relative.....

And this is exactly why I created this workshop AND the "7 Day Yoga Jumpstart" that I shared about at the end of today's session.

I combined over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer and Yoga instructor to create this program specifically for people who work on a computer all day to help you go from: slouched and sluggish to STRONG AND ENERGIZED! 

You can learn all about it HERE

Here's whats included: 

  • 6 Core Modules to teach you the foundations of this transformative practice
  • 20 Minute Session that weaves it all together that you can often for more energy all day, stronger leaner muscles, less tension, more focus
  • 3 Specialized Mini Courses to you can take 3 minute breaks anytime to de-stress, fine tune your focus, and fire up your core
  • 2 Bonus Sessions to ease TECH NECK and CALM AND QUIET YOUR MIND for less stress

All for the amazing price of just $47! 

This one time investment will give you immediately and life long access to all of these AMAZING resources! 

The whole program is valued at @$227 but I REALLY want you to have these tools and start using them to GET OUT OF PAIN, HAVE MORE ENERGY, FEEL STRONGER AND MORE CONFIDENT now and for years to come!! 

So what are you waiting for? Grab this amazing deal here 



Is the nagging pain in your neck and back distracting you and draining your energy?

Press PAUSE on your busy life with this free 10 minute "Yoga at My Desk" video to instantly feel better!