Deep Breaths for Less Stress Workshop

ARE YOU STRESSED? If you are like 50% of the population you just might be.

Stress, it seems, has become an epidemic, with many of you reporting in our recent survey that you feel stressed out at work more often than you would like. 

But what can you do when you are dealing with long to do lists at home and at work, chronic tension draining your energy and no end in sight?

The mistake many people make is just to push through, drink more coffee, and take "unnecessary things" like exercise and mediation off the list of things to do.

It turns out that continually making this mistake is not only costly to productivity and happiness but can potentially be risky to your health. 

Because it lowers immune function, increases chronic tension and increases blood pressure and cholesterol, stress is implicated in every major chronic disease from IBS, to heart disease, to obesity, to diabetes and cancer. 

Ironically, the hustle and bustle pace of our busy lives means that making time to relax and de-stress often isnt in the top 5 things to do today. But that's the real mistake: if you aren't going to take care of you....who is?


What if I could teach you the number #1 way to reduce your stress levels naturally that you could do anytime, anywhere while simultaneously improving your brain health, boosting your ability to concentrate and focus, improving your memory and helping you feel happier.......would you be interested? I BET!

Amazingly enough slow deep controlled breathing is one of the most powerful ways to lower your stress level immediately and long term but it is so simple that it is often forgotten.  

Explore a variety of different breathing techniques to lower your stress level, lift your energy, improve your sleep and boost your vitality in this fun and interactive workshop! 



No Yoga or meditation experience is necessary for the workshop, so everyone that wants to improve their health and happiness is welcome! 

*Photos by Cadencia Photography*


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