Get back pain at work? Try the Seated Cat and Cow Move right at your desk!

Does your back get sore when you are working on the computer?
Do you feel sleepy throughout the day with brain fog slowing you down?
Take a mini Yoga Break with me!
🐱🐮This weeks move is: Seated Cat and Cow! It’s great for loosening up your back, easing tension and helping you sit taller so you feel more alert!
🐱🐮Did you know that 90%of the nourishment to your brain comes from movement of your spine? This means you have to moo-ve it, moo-ve it 🤣
✅Sit tall with your shoulders back, take a deep breath in
✅As you exhale, allow your spine to round and your shoulders roll forward and your head drops down
✅As you inhale, shift your weight to the front of your sit bones as you lift your chest and roll your shoulders back and look up
✅Continue to breathe deeply as you shift back and forth between the two positions
✅Repeat 15-20 times
✅Finish by sitting tall with your shoulders back and down!
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