BOOK LAUNCH! The Warrior's Journey: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Entrepreneur is live on June 20th

Transform Your Business and Life With the Untapped Power Of Yoga- Even If You Can’t Touch Your Toes, Stand On One foot, or Quiet Your Mind For Longer Than 3 Seconds!

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The Warrior’s Journey: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Entrepreneur

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Trust me! This is NOT your typical Yoga book- instead it is a compass that will help you awaken your inner Warrior so you can weave the ancient teachings of Yoga into your business and daily life! 

This innovative book is your gateway to an inner world of purpose, resilience, and authentic confidence that will help you:

> Navigate the wild rollercoaster of life like a stealthy Ninja

> Take command of the sh*tty committee in your head 

> Master the art of bounce-back-ability to stay in flow

> Wake the Warrior Within you to charge forward on your mission


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