A powerful question to ask yourself anytime, anywhere

Want a simple yet extremely powerful way to ground yourself and return your focus to the present moment?

Ask yourself this question:



And then pay attention:

Where do you feel your breath? What is the quality of it?

Often when we are feeling stressed out or paying attention to things around us our breath is short and shallow and mostly in the chest and shoulder area.

Not only does this increase tension in this area because these muscles are not meant to be our main breathing muscles, it also triggers more stress in our bodies because it is the fight or flight breathing pattern.

As soon as you shift your focus to your breath and begin to pay attention to it you will notice a shift within yourself. As you tune into the flow of your breath, the feeling of it and the quality of it you will feel yourself becoming more relaxed, grounded, and present.

Tuning into the subtle rhythm of the breath is the easiest way we have to bring our attention into our body and into the now.

Try this periodically throughout your day to take a moment to center yourself. Not only will it help you bring your stress levels down, but it will help you concentrate and focus.

Take it to the next level by taking a short breathing break.

  • Sit tall, rolling your shoulders back and down to lift your chest.
  • Relax your neck, shoulders and jaw as you close your eyes.
  • Rest your hands on your legs.
  • Begin to take slow deep breaths, filling your belly as you inhale
  • As you exhale feel yourself sitting taller.
  • Take at least 5 deep slow breaths
  • Be aware of any mental distractions and stay focused on your breath as much as you can
  • Enjoy!

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