E16: Amplify Your Morning: Avoid These 5 Common Routine-Ruining Mistakes

Ready to Transform Your Mornings? Discover the Secrets to Crafting a Routine You'll Adore!

In this episode, we're delving deep into the top morning routine mistakes that might be holding you back from sticking to and creating one you love and look forward to.

Grab your Earpods and lets explore:

  • Insights from the routines of successful entrepreneurs (and why you should)
  • The key elements of a meaningful morning routine that amplifies your energy, focus, and joy all day
  • Practical tips for creating your ideal flow, even if the 5 AM club isn't your thing!

Tune in now for a dose of morning motivation and start your day right!

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And welcome back to another episode of the purpose for powerhouse podcast.
Today, we're gonna be talking about 5 potential mistakes that you might be making that may or may not be keeping you from creating and sticking to a morning routine that you love and look forward to every day.
But before we get into those five mistakes that, you know, I hear a lot.
I see a lot in my community.
I see a lot with my clients that immediately.
I've made a few of them myself.
I wanted to invite you to something.
I have created a brand new series of sessions called Rise And Vibe.
Gonna be a 5 week experience to help you to refresh your morning routine so you can start the day with joyful energy.
It's gonna be happen me once a week on Tuesdays, 30 minutes, and it's gonna be jam packed.
Each session will be jam packed with all sorts of empowering tools for you to not only experience in that session, but take with you and integrate into your life, breath work, yoga, tony exercises, meditation, empowering intentions, all of those things.
So if you are ready for a refresh, if you would love the support and the accountability and the community and the consistency of having a routine that you love and look forward to, then join us.
If they are virtual sessions, and I'm gonna the link for you to grab your spot so that you can arrive and vibe with us.
So Let's talk about morning routines.
Why am I so passionate about them? Why would I love for you to have one that you love? Well, because I know that they are a game changer.
I know that they make a massive difference.
How do I know this? Well, you may have guessed it.
Because they have made a massive difference in my life and in the lives of many of my clients and my community because of the way that they allow you to set the tone for the entire day.
To do it first.
And by it, I mean, take care of the most important tasks that you have.
Which is to take care of yourself.
The most important meeting that you have every day is the one that you have with yourself, but for some reason, It's often ones that we push to the end of the to do list that we knock right off the schedule for the day when there's a lot going on.
That's actually one of the mistakes, so I'm not gonna ruin that.
But the reason that I know this is because for many periods of my life, when I have been so dedicated to my morning routine showing up.
Even if it's just a few minutes, sometimes it's longer, sometimes it's hours.
Right? I love it so much.
I love to look 0 your rate in it when I can, but sometimes I don't have that time.
And so in those times, I just feel so myself.
I feel lit up.
I feel lying.
I feel powerful.
I feel unstoppable.
And I just I know that it affects everything in my life.
Contrast that with the days when I don't do it, and I feel chaotic.
I feel scattered.
I feel like I'm frantic and frazzled and on the verge of a freak out, which as you've been listening for a while, you know, is the Hallmark calling card of the worn out woman.
And it happens.
Right? And so for me, part of the reason I do it is because When I skip it, my body complaints about it.
My brain is spinning all over the place.
My emotional state is affected because I just feel like flat And I just know that that time that I give myself in the morning is the time for me.
I I take that time to fill myself up.
I breathe in for me so that I can give and I can serve and I can show up doing stuff like this.
For you.
And that's how it works.
Right? It's a reciprocity.
It's just like the breath.
We inhale so that we can exhale.
We take in.
You take care of yourself because your health is your wealth.
You know, if you don't make time for wellness, you'll make time for illness.
You've heard all the sayings.
But the reality is is that when you have a morning routine that you love so much, you look forward to it, it literally changes everything.
And I think that it really is a foundational element.
And it is a foundational element of the mindful strength method, which is my combination of yoga, exercise, breath work, mental fitness for that reason, right, for that reason.
And so I've about it in other episodes, but today, let's talk about the mistakes.
Because thinking that your routine has to be the same every day, It's probably not working out.
Is it working out for you, like, to just try to do the same thing day after day? Maybe get a little bored with it.
Maybe get frustrated.
Maybe some days, you're like, oh, this is so not what I need right now.
I'm tired.
I don't wanna do this intense workout or whatever it is.
And that's the reality, especially for those of us that are women, identify as women, we have cyclical patterns to our energy.
And so it's important that you listen to your body, that you do what you feel you wanna do on that day.
And it doesn't have to be an hour.
It can be 5 minutes, and it can be really impactful in 5 minutes.
It can be 15 minutes.
Right? And that's that's it.
Is that you get to decide based on what you need that day, you get to decide what you're gonna integrate into the morning routine.
Some people, I will say some people love to have the same thing day over day.
If that's your jam, that's probably not the mistake that you're making then.
That's fine.
So let's learn how to mix it up and make it fun.
Right? And, of course, you're gonna learn lots of options inside Rise and Vibe.
So the second mistake that a lot of people make is thinking that the morning routine has to be exactly like X Y Z person that you're learning from.
So thinking that your morning routine has to look exactly like or Brandon Burchards or Oprah Winfrey or Tony Robbins or whoever.
I don't believe that that's the case.
I think what we wanna look at is the underlying principle the fact that so many people are advocates for morning routines, that's what we wanna look at.
I want you to look at the things that they're doing and pick and choose.
Right? There's always an element of choice.
You get to decide.
Right? And what I want you to look at is there's probably some core pillars.
So inside the mindful strength method, when you amplify your morning routine, there's really 3 core elements to that.
And the acronym is AMR.
So the a stands for align your mind, and you'll see a lot of people in their routines doing vision, work, journaling, tapping, prayer, meditation, whatever.
Align your mind to your vision to that ideal state of being to the frequency of the future, the identity that you want to fully integrate and embody.
That's what we wanna align to.
The m stands for Movement.
Move your body.
You're not a rock.
Right? You're not a tree.
You get to get up and move.
Your body prefers it when you do.
Right? You probably spend a lot of time in the outy slouchy pots just sitting down on that little booty of yours.
And movement in the morning has all sorts of beautiful benefits of boosting productivity, mood, lowering stress levels, um, revving up your metabolism, all sorts of awesome things, but it doesn't have to be yoga.
If you don't like yoga or you don't wanna work out or maybe you wanna dance or do tai chi or breath work, whatever.
Just move your body.
K? Move your body.
Activate your core musculature so that you can feel strong and powerful and confident in your body.
That's really what it comes down to.
So we have align your mind, move your body, and a repeat, Repeat.
So repetition.
So that's why it's important that it suits you and it serves you.
That's why it feels like it works in your schedule because in order for you to feel the effects of it, we wanna begin to be consistent with it.
And that's why, you know, having it be and every once in a while thing, that's great.
Right? It always counts.
You always get a gold star when you take care of yourself.
But ideally, it's something that you repeat on a daily basis, hopefully.
And that's where I can certainly help you with that, and I would love you and I'd be honored to.
So let's get creative with it.
Make it up.
Work within those core pillars and do what works for your body.
So the 3rd mistake is skipping it when you've got a lot going on.
When you're busy.
Maybe you're in a launch.
Maybe you're in a promo.
Maybe your kids are doing x yz things that kids do.
Maybe you're I don't know.
Life is busy.
Right? The thing is is we all have the same 24 hours in the day.
The decision is whether or not this is truly a priority to you.
I know it's a bit blunt, but the reality is if your health is a priority to you, if the way you feel is a priority to you, you'll make time for it.
And it doesn't have to be a lot of time.
Right? And that's where having that decision and, like, commitment to yourself and caring so much about how you feel that you make time for yourself by saying, you know what? I know I have a lot to do, and my brain is telling me I better get go go go go going.
Then the solution is give yourself 5 minutes.
I know you have 5 minutes.
Right? I know you understand that when you are in a stress highly activated state.
You are not in your leadership energy.
You are not in full alignment because From a physiological perspective, you are active in the survival center of the brain.
The stress center is not where you are in your most creative powerful present, kind, patient, energy.
It's not how it works.
So when you take 5 minutes, and you ground yourself and you breathe and you align your mind and move your body and repeat your power statements or whatever it is you're gonna do, you shift yourself out of the red zone and into the green zone.
And then the green zone is when you are in that stay and play calm and centered rest and digest state in the nervous system.
Which is where you have activated the higher prefrontal cortex aspect of the brain, and you are in the creative center of your brain.
Right? You probably heard that lovely quote from the Dalai Lama who said, you know, if you don't have time to meditate for an hour, then you need to meditate for 2 hours.
And his point is that our brain is always going to tell us that we don't have time for stuff like this.
When you are in a state of activation and presence and expansiveness, it's potentially threatening to your ego and your current identity and current state of being and, you know, getting out of that frantic frazzled worn out woman vibe.
Although it's probably your priority and your desire, your brain perceives anything outside of your realm of familiarity as potentially threatening.
So that's part of the reason why a lot of people will say, oh, yoga.
I don't know.
It's just too boring.
It's too slow.
That's fine.
I'm not here to sell you on yoga if you don't like it, but I'm just saying there's a lot of different styles.
There's a lot of different teachers.
And the reality is is that when we are doing something that's potentially expanding you and allowing you to open back up to your pure possibility and potentiality your brain is saying things like, oh, boy.
What's happening here? Stop this nonsense.
We need to pull out all the stops.
None no more of this open minded creativity stuff because it's potentially threatening to your current state of being.
So when we are super stressed out and your brain is saying, No.
We gotta get going.
There's too much to do.
That's where you get to say.
You know what? I care so much about how I feel and how I'm gonna show up today.
And I know that when I'm feeling grounded, I make better decisions.
I'm a nicer person to be around.
My body doesn't hurt.
I'm not cranky.
Then I'm gonna give myself 5 minutes, k, or half an hour, whatever it is.
Right? So dropping into that decision, and taking that time for yourself.
It doesn't have to be a lot.
1 minute, 5 minutes just be really intentional, and it's a game changer.
So the 4th mistake that some people make that are keeping them from getting into the consistent habit with morning routines is Rubbing your phone within 20 minutes of waking up and going right to the scroll.
It happens.
A lot of people do it.
Right? Use your phone as an alarm.
Your alarm goes off.
You grab your phone.
You turn off do not disturb.
And before you know it, You're scrolling all the reels on the Instagram and then you do it with Facebook and then the email and and then it's 30 minutes later and you're just, like, into the abyss of social media.
And then maybe you're still gonna go do your morning routine or maybe you've read a message or you've gotten an email and you're you're already in the workspace or you're already in your head.
Right? You're somebody sends you a message.
It was short.
You're kinda confused about it.
You know, you gotta reply to it.
You don't know say all of that stuff so it can easily switch you into go mode and cause us to go into that overthinking over analyzing situation.
And so maybe you just go right into Go mode.
You start work right away, or if you're like, oh, shit.
I don't wanna go into the work day this way feeling like this and you go to, you know, go to your mat.
You go to your workout or whatever.
Still gonna do your 5 minutes or whatever it is.
And still, you're just kind of mentally pacing and you're already, like, running the conversation in your head or what have you So I would say that one of the most important things that you can do is make that commitment to how you feel and how you're showing up and not allowing yourself to begin to scroll and go into work mode until you've done something for yourself.
And that can literally be 5 minutes of gentle bed yoga or breath work or meditation.
Use that time.
Do it first.
Get it done.
Do it first.
Get it done.
That's my new mantra.
Do it first.
Get it done.
You deserve your time and attention.
You deserve that ability to set the tone for the day and start the day intentionally.
Because that is everything.
So the 5th and final mistake that can or maybe keeping you from really finding your groove with your routine is having a routine that pushes you so hard or just really feels like it's really hard for you to do.
Like, oh, I'm you know, I'm supposed to do these 5 different things and it's supposed to take an hour, or I'm supposed to do this really hard workout or whatever, and it just doesn't feel like you.
It doesn't feel like it supports you.
It doesn't feel like it's what you need, but yet you've somehow committed to it or you start doing this workout and you're like, okay.
Well, I'm us to do it for 75 days or whatever it is.
You've probably heard of that.
But here's the thing.
If you push yourself to exhaustion and then all day long, you're like, oh god.
I don't know why I did that.
I'm just dragging hard.
I don't wanna do that again tomorrow.
But then you feel like you have to do it or you just say, you know, it's good.
70 5.
Whatever is not for me or This isn't for me, and you break the habit.
Right? And and that's frustrating, and it's disappointing when we break promises to ourself.
And so, you know, that that happens a lot is setting these really crazy relations or goals for ourselves and not having that flexibility, not tapping into your intuition, not going on what you need from day to day based on how you sleep, based on where you're at in your cycle.
Like, all of those things are are impactful.
So the opposite to that is many of the things we speaking to is finding variety integrating these different tools of, you know, maybe it doesn't have to be a crazy hard workout.
Maybe one day You're gonna do yoga and you're gonna dance.
Maybe another day you are gonna push yourself.
You're gonna get your weights.
You're gonna do some cardio, whatever it is.
Right? And really you know, the ideal is to integrate these different components into your routine so that you're getting these pillars of lifelong physical vitality.
So physical vitality is built on these key pillars, strength, flexibility, core work, cardio, and balance.
These are things that you wanna be able to integrate into your movement routine.
So that you can continue to do them.
Right? You can continue to go out and, you know, paddling in in the at where you're canoe.
You can do stand up paddle.
You can go skiing.
You can I don't know? What else? Like, you can go mountain climbing.
You can, uh, you know, I don't know.
Try to think of random things.
I need a snack, but, you know, all the things that you love to do, and that's really why we're doing all these things.
You know? We hear a lot about, oh, I'm gonna work on my summer body.
What about your body 20 years from now where you're able to live and have a high quality of life? Right? That's kinda what it comes down to.
What about being able to move your body and and, you know, reach to the top shelf in 20 years and you're not having to be hunched over using a walker and and struggling to get around.
Like, yeah, it it's amazing to feel strong.
It's sexy in your body, and that's a of this, but we wanna think of it from a quality of life perspective both today and, you know, tomorrow next week, but years from now.
So that's really why having these movement pillars, having this morning routine is so key.
And so, hopefully, you got some inspiration on how to just take a curious look at maybe some of the things that are tripping you up and keeping you from, you know, having a consistent morning routine that you love and you look forward to because It is so potent.
Right? There's a reason that some very successful, very wealthy, very impactful people are always singing the praises of it.
Because of how it makes you feel.
And if you are the voice of your brand if you are your brand, if you are a leader, if you are a guide, it's all about your energy.
And when you are being intentional with nurturing your connection to yourself, taking time to keep yourself feeling strong, feeling grounded, having flexibility, not being in pain, being able to have this, like, radiance about you and authentic confidence about you because you're taking care of.
That's really what all of this is about.
Right? Whether or not it's a morning routine or midday routine or afternoon routine.
It's all good.
Like, again, it doesn't have to be at 5 AM.
It doesn't have to be this rigidity to it.
It's about intentionally making and taking time for yourself because you care about how you feel.
That's what it comes down to.
So I hope that you found these potential mistakes, you know, eye opening, illuminating, hopefully got some inspiration.
And I would love to share more inspiration with you.
We'd love to have you join us for vibe, check out the link in the show notes.
And if you have questions, reach out because I think it's hard time you had a morning routine that you loved and look forward to so that you are showing up as the purposeful powerhouse that you truly are.
Using that incredible tool that is your mind, learning to harness it and think on purpose, moving your body to keep it strong and healthy.
And breathing to stay connected and inspired and expansive and really intentionally showing up for yourself because when you do that, It unlocks more ease, more flow, more joy in all areas of your life.
So thank you for being here.
Thank you for listening, and I'll see you soon.
Take care.
Bye bye


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