E14: Bending Spoons and Realities: How to Tap into Your True Potential and Power

You're far more powerful than you give yourself credit for, and it's high time you lived into that!

Back in December I took a fun adventure to California where I bent a spoon with my mind (!!) and I was  all sorts of fired up and inspired after that trip. 

Hear that incredible story as well as the 5 key lessons for life that the experience gave me that will be super helpful for you too.

Press play and dive into the:

  • Secret to unlocking your own personal power
  • Original A.I. that is far more powerful than any super computer
  • One thing you might be waiting for that only you can give yourself
  • And lots more!


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Please find the show notes below. Since it is a transcription there may be spelling errors and/or weird grammar. Ignore that and enjoy!


You are far more powerful than you give yourself credit for.
That is one of my favorite things and something I like to remind you of because it's something that I was very much reminded of recently when I got the opportunity to learn how to bend this once flat stainless steel spoon with my might.
I want to tell you that story because it's a good one.
But I really am excited about the five key lessons that I took from it that I know will be really helpful for you as well, especially when you're navigating a stressful situation like being in a launch or in a promotion or in a challenging moment because the truth is that you are far more powerful than you give yourself credit for because sometimes we cut ourselves off from that power by doing certain things that I'm going to talk about today.
So let me take you into the moment there.
I was at an incredible business conference for a program that I've been part of called Business By Design for three years and I've never got to go to the BBD Live.
So Business by design BBD.
In case I refer to it as that I will.
I've never been to BBD Live because they haven't run it in a few years because of the pandemic.
So I was so excited to go 900 people.
That's a lot of people.
I've never been in a room with 900 people before.
I don't know if you have, but I certainly haven't.
And it was so powerful.
There's a lot of strategy taught for sure.
But James Wemo, who's the leader of the program and his partner, Jenny Finley are very much about, of course, the strategic action steps, but very much about the inner alignment, the inner awareness and truly the inner power that each of us have that is essential to take the action and do the things from, right? The being doing, the doing is equally if not more important than the actions that are being done because the energy that you're doing them in, right is one of the principles that they really lean into.
So we talked a lot about how to reclaim our personal power from past events, right? We've all had those experiences when something happened that really kind of took a little bit of our energy.
Our focus maybe disappointed us.
Maybe we made a story about us, right? Maybe you had these really high hopes for a launch and it just didn't get there.
Maybe you achieved, you know, close to your goals or nowhere, nowhere close, maybe no one signed up or whatever it is and you felt defeated and you felt a little bit of your kind of spark dwindle, right? And so what we did was really learn how to go back as the most powerful version of yourself, guided, supported and loved into these moments and reclaim your personal power.
So that was the first meditation that we did.
We gathered all of this.
And so for me when I was doing it, it was really incredible because I could feel and I could sidetrack to a different story.
But I believe that there is a channel that runs up the center of each of us that connects to the golden web of life that we are all connected to in yoga.
We call this energetic channel, the shuma.
But I believe that that channel continues onwards and upwards and taps you into all of life.
And the side story I was thinking of was was when I was in Nepal hiking in the Himalayas.
And I could feel my my particular thread in the web of life as it was connected up into the heavenly divine web and how we're always supported.
And we can always kind of go off on our own way and it gets tangled, but it's we're always supported, right? And so I was seeing this beautiful visualization of this web of life, I think like a spider web and all of these moments in time that where I had dropped or given away or had it stolen or taken or forgotten from me.
All of my power was being pulled back in and I bring my power back in and as it comes down these channels of purification, it comes back with only your personal power, only at the highest vibrational essence, right? Because you're not taking the energy from that situation, you're recalibrating to your own native frequency, your own native power.
So we're pulling it back in and it was so potent.
And so what she had us do was to send that mana or the energy or the prono or the c whatever you call it forward into the next day at 915.
Because we're gonna do our second meditation then.
And so we did that and that was really potent and very emotional.
And I was having a lot of emotional processing and release and crying and a lot of people were too.
And then the next morning we come in and they give us a spoon and the spoons are flat, their rainbow really pretty.
And she tells us about how we've now reclaimed that personal power and it's being held in this sort of energetic portal.
And what we're gonna do is begin to charge our hands by doing this, begin to activate the energy in our own body by really tapping back into that flow state, connecting to elevated emotions of love and joy and possibility and creativity so that we are creating this clear intention to deeply connect to the space within the spoon, right? We know that even physical items that perceive to be solid quantum physics tells us that everything has a vibrational frequency to it and everything is energy and we can look at these seemingly solid things, for example, this stainless steel spoon and be able to connect to the space in between the particles that make it up.
So she's teaching us about all of this, about how we're going to, you know, send our energy into it.
We're going to channel the golden light of possibility, the universe God nature, whatever you call it as well as stay in this high but high vibrational state of love, joy, and gratitude.
And then really be intentional about being able to bend reality by bending the spoon with our mind.
I will tell you that we were holding the spoon in our hands.
Ok? She's teaching us right at this time.
It's flat.
We're holding it here and she's teaching us to do these little pulses.
So we're doing all of this.
And she does say before we get going, there might be some of you that feel like you need permission to do it.
And there will be a point when I give you permission, but just know that you don't have to wait.
And I remember thinking to myself, oh, that's really good for me to know because you know, maybe sometimes in yoga or with breath work.
People might feel like they need permission to deeply relax or to let go make a note Megan.
That's, you know, that's important to know.
I didn't think it would apply to me, but it does, it applies.
We'll get to that.
And so we're doing all the things OK? And we're pulsing it.
We are, we warmed up our hands, we're pulling back our prana.
I'm feeling that the, the web of life that I was speaking to earlier, I'm feeling all of this energy flowing into me.
I'm tapped into the golden light.
You know, think the golden light think of like when you're in the sun and you stand in the sun and you can feel the warmth of the sun.
It's like that.
It's like it's pouring onto you, pouring into you.
And I'm there in the back and I'm sitting in the back of the room with my, in my spot and I'm pulsing the spoon.
Here's where the lessons start because there I was like, I am going to bend this spook.
This is so gonna happen.
OK? Here we go.
I'm following the instructions.
I know what to do.
And I'm in the back of the room and I'm like pulse, pulse, pulse, pulse, nothing was happening.
Not a damn thing.
And I was like, well, I don't know what's going on.
This is, I don't know, maybe I got a super reinforced super duper spoon and it is not going to do anything.
And I realized how you do.
One thing is how you do everything right.
You've probably heard that quote, maybe from me, maybe from somebody else.
And I realized, oh, there I was, again, I had the instructions and I was trying really hard to do it, putting a lot of effort putting in that hard work because for a lot of my life and many of you will relate to this.
I've really identified as a hard worker and you gotta work hard to earn your keep, you gotta work hard to earn that money.
You gotta follow the instructions and being, you know, being a, a stand up citizen or a good girl or good boy, good person, you know, all of that was like really tangled up in my identity.
And so there I am and I'm like, I am, I'm gonna do this and I'm working really hard at it and I'm like, oh yeah, OK.
It's kind of defeating the point because it's all about energetic flow and intention.
And so I thought, well, that's interesting because that's how I've done a lot of things in my life, especially approaching launches and promotions and things in my business.
I've tried really hard and then I would get frustrated when it wasn't working and I realized, oh, well, that's interesting.
I'm not even like really listening to the instructions right now.
I'm so focused on the hard work that I'm trying to achieve.
And then simultaneously while I was, you know, while I was still like trying to bend the spoon, my brain was like, it's not gonna work, gonna be able to do it.
Why bother? And again, interesting because there I was physically performing the action, but energetically having this disbelief.
And so I really hadn't really fully embraced the possibility that it could and would happen for me.
So I was like, I'm gonna make this happen.
And so there, I was how I, how I do one thing is how we do everything, right? So that's one of the lessons.
And so, and then she starts to remind us and I'm, I'm like, hey, you're not even listening to the instructions, Megan go back to the instructions.
So I'm listening to her and she's having us receive prana in from everyone else in the room 900 people.
That's a lot, right? And you're sending it out and you're seeing them, you're, you're seeing them and feeling them like bending their spoon and doing it.
And I'm feeling this like, you know, like you're in the ocean and you can feel this ripple of energy, like the waves kind of rolling underneath you when you're floating on the surface of the ocean.
And I could feel that energy and I could feel my guides my ancestors and, and just this energy around me like it's time, it's time, it's time, it's time and feeling it like, yes, OK.
And then I'm in the belief, right? In the belief like this is happening.
I got to, this is gonna happen.
Here we go up, you know, and then I was like, OK, stop trying so fucking hard.
OK, let's give that a go novel idea.
And so I'm like poop and then still not nothing happening, but I'm feeling it, you know, I'm feeling I could feel this.
It's like mounting energy inside of me and then she goes and if you've been waiting for permission now is the time here it is.
And they were open already.
I was bailing my doggies right here.
They were open already.
But the floodgates went instantly realized I had been waiting to give myself permission to be powerful, to be capable, to be deserving, to be worthy to be successful, to be impactful, whatever it is.
I realized how many places I had been withholding permission because I wanted proof.
I've been withholding permission because I felt like I didn't quite have it yet.
It being who knows what right? The ability to do with the capability, the gumption, the drive, the whatever.
And I realized, wow, who's gonna give me permission? Are they get to give myself permission? You get to give yourself permission.
So that's the second lesson.
Where in your life are you waiting for permission to go big to dream big to do it, to go after the damn thing, make it happen right now.
He's gonna come along with the golden spoon and tap you on the head and finally grant you permission.
That's an inner decision, an inside she.
So that's the second lesson.
Look for places in your life that you might have been waiting for this permission because you know, in my identity for a long time, I had, you know, been in this like I'm the oldest child, I'm a hard worker.
I do the things.
I'm a law abiding citizen, you know, all these things, right? And like I've been waiting for permission.
It's like you wait for the green light to go through the intersection.
And I realized that I had never given myself permission to truly be powerful.
And a lot of that's tangled up in, you know, past experiences, right? Like we said, so we pulled back all of these power, maybe it was this life, maybe it was another life.
Who knows? Right? And so we're pulling back all this power.
I could feel the energy flowing into the room.
And I'm realizing like it's time and that was the energy of the guides.
And the the feeling around me was like, it's time, it's time.
And I was like, yeah, it's time, it's time to give myself permission.
And I'm all the things happening and still flat.
And I was like, I took a big deep breath and I went and I kid you not, this is what happened.
It was literally, it felt like it had just turned to play doh and I was able to just do that and as soon as it happened I went, oh, and I was so excited and then I was like, oops, you know, because we're supposed to be quiet and stay contained in our experience.
And I'm like, oh my God, you know, if you can't see me in the video, I'm like having a silent scream.
Like, oh my God, it's amazing.
And then I tried again.
Yeah, you want to know what happened? Nothing because I had gone back into that.
Like, let's do it.
Performing the, the efforting of it in yoga, we call that the stra the effort, the strength, the stability.
I was trying to go back into it and do it from that perspective.
And so I realized, oh wow, this is so incredible and it was just such a beautiful experience of remembering that when we stay connected, when you stay in this state of possibility and playfulness and potentiality, when you're able to harness your mind, to keep it on the intention to keep it aligned with your vision, to stay focused on the direction that you're heading.
Then that is such an incredibly potent place to live and be operating from right? Learning to harness our mind is no easy task.
And in fact, there's, you know, a multitude of disciplines and practices.
Yoga included mental fitness, included that I practice on a daily basis because it's such an incredibly invaluable tool set to be able to control your mind and to run your mind rather than having it run you.
And that is so, so incredibly potent and it's not easy by no means.
Is it easy? But it's worth it, right? It's not easy, but it's worth it.
Learning to control your mind and being able to keep it with that singularity of focus on the intent that you have whatever it is, maybe it's a logical, maybe it's bending a spoon, you know, whatever it is.
And so where have you been waiting to give yourself permission? Where have you been allowing your mind to talk you out of stuff and keep you in that negative pattern of, you know, getting caught up in the old stories or the disbelief or the doubt or the struggle or what have you.
And truly, when you begin to see for yourself, even if you don't bend the spoon, right? And the the spoon is now an analogy for like achieving or passing your, your goals or doing the thing that you said to do.
It really is about the journey and the experience that it is the most potent component of it, the real richness, the real benefit comes from the lessons that you receive and the person that you become because of doing the thing, doing the launch, having the sales call bending the spoon, being in the room, whatever it is, right? And so that's where we want to start to not only tap into this wisdom, surround yourself with people that have these visions for themselves and visions for their own life, but then begin to truly have this belief in possibility in your possibility.
Because when you've been able to achieve something, do something, even if it's just the tiniest bit, even if it, you just feel like a little bit of progress, you give yourself that knowing.
and when you have that knowing, that's the seed that we need to be able to continue to nurture.
Because when we have this belief in possibility, when we see evidence, when you look for evidence all around you, then it really opens your mind and opens your heart to what's possible for you because we're all connected.
And when you see that it's possible for somebody else doesn't mean you're not gonna be able to do it because they're doing it.
It means that it's possible for anyone because you're just as capable, deserving and worthy as anyone and everyone.
So when we did our shares and people were sharing their spoon and I kid you not, there were spoons that were like spun and spirals like a rotini noodle.
I was like, oh my goodness.
I wanna do that next time.
That looks cool or bent like a zigzag, all sorts of crazy shapes.
And it made me realize like, wow, well, that's an option.
Maybe I'll try that next time.
And so rather than looking at it in a state of comparison.
Use it for intrigue, use it for inspiration, right? Because our mind will have us compare ourselves against others.
Oh, I didn't bend the spoon.
I didn't achieve my goal.
I was like, ah, I only had 100 people sign up for the workshop.
It's a matter of coming back to that ability to harness your mind, stay aligned with your intention, giving yourself permission to dream big and go for it evolving into the person that you get to be, to become to bring this vision, this goal, this intention to life, believing that it's possible even when you don't necessarily have the proof just yet because that action will inspire clarity and will inspire this deeper level of knowing through the experience.
And then finally, at the deepest core of all of this is remembering that everything that we do is a microcosm for our growth and for your expansion.
And to remember how powerful you truly are when you learn to take control of your mind, keep your attention on the intention, the original A I, right, your attention on the intention and stay in that place of possibility and potentiality because that's the playground, that's the playground that we get to play in.
And just because you're a business owner doesn't mean that you don't play.
In fact, it means that you should play because play is a high vibrational state and it's actually part of the regulated state in your nervous system.
It's one of the ideal states for us to live and operate from.
And you know, we need to navigate, we resilient nervous systems go up and down and all around, but stay in play.
Is that connected awareness is that centered state.
And so you have it in you to go and do the things, but then also to be calm and steady when you need to be so stay and play.
And so play is actually inspires joy.
And this curiosity and this expanded state in the nervous system where you're able to come up with new ideas, be on point, be infl be in that elevated emotion and operate from there.
Notice when you're not there and come back to it, right? Because how you do one thing is how you do everything.
And so when you're showing up to learn and do interesting meditations like this or you're showing up to your launch, it's really the same thing wherever you go there you are.
I believe that was John Cabot in that said that.
But it's really a potent opportunity to look at ourselves through the eyes of the heart, mind, you right through the eyes of the heart, the discerning soft, gentle eyes that are curious because when we default to the old pattern of being judgmental and being critical, we go back into that repeated pattern and we fortify that right on a on a neural level, but also on an energetic level.
And so it's really important to just recognize that like how you responded in the past does not determine how you respond.
Now, if you're present and you're aware of what you're doing, right? Staying in the moment and pausing to drop into that place of curiosity and playfulness.
So that is what I wanted to share with you today.
And I'm really grateful for that whole opportunity and for everyone that I got to sit with and hold the space with, it was absolutely incredible.
And whether people bent their spoon or not, they learned so much from it.
And, and as did I, and so now every morning when I do my morning meditation, I spend time with spoony.
His name is Gooney.
Um to remind myself of how powerful I am and what I'm capable of that you can really bend reality with your mind when you stay in that place of your true nature, which is your spiritual nature, the expansive nature, the unlimited, right, your spiritual being, having a human experience.
And sometimes we get caught up in our humanness trying really damn hard to make it work.
Whereas when we are aligned with the opportunity and the laws of the universe, then we are able to have this fluidity to you.
So that's what I wanted to share today.
Thank you for being here.
Thank you for being part of this community.
And thank you for making time to learn to think on purpose and use your mind like a powerful tool to keep your body strong and energized.
So you feel confident, you feel grounded so that you can show up on purpose as your true purposeful powerhouse oh self.
And that's where the magic happens.
And one of the most powerful tools to, for you to do that is by taking power pauses, power pauses are fast, fun and easy to fit into your schedule.
They are stress busting creativity, inspiring energy, aligning ways for you to do.
One of the most important things that you're here to do, take care of you show up for yourself so that you can show up vibrantly in everything that you do.
So I'd love to have you join us for a totally complimentary session in the power pause movement where you get to experience what it's like to do a power pause with us live, no yoga pants, no yoga mat needed, we brew, we breathe, we move, we stretch, we dance, we shake, but most importantly, we use them to stay in aligned energy with your vision, with your goals, with the you that you truly are to give yourself that physical embodied experience of that version of you so that you show up in your life as that so that you can attract more abundance so that you can increase your impact so that you can be a happier human who is sustainably successful because you're not running yourself into the ground and in that frantic frazzled stress out state all the time.
Not a good look.
And it's not really a long term plan.
It's not so you know what it is.
Hm Taking care of you so that you can take care of both.
So come and join us for a free power pause.
They are Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
I'm gonna drop the link in the comments here and in the show notes so you can come and do a live session with us because it's a movement in there baby.
We got people up to really big things and would love to have you come and check it out and come and check out this beautiful community.
So until next time, remember you're far more powerful than you give yourself credit for sit into that.
If you have anything that you that stood out for you, if you have questions, reach out to me and I would love to hear from you.
Take good care.
Bye bye


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