E1: Welcome to the Purposeful Powerhouse Podcast

Join us as we dive into the debut episode of the Purposeful Powerhouse Podcast!

This podcast is all about mastering over your mind and body, becoming the CEO of your health, life, and business.

In addition to helping you to overcome high-functioning anxiety and take control of your health, this show will move beyond positive thinking to make substantial shifts in your life, using effective and incredible tools like Yoga and Mental Fitness.

I'm so excited to welcome you to this podcast community! The Purposeful Powerhouse Podcast is your resource for vibrant holistic health, anxiety management, and tools for sustainable success, so hit play and enjoy. Make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode.


Please find the show notes below. Since it is a transcription there may be spelling errors and/or weird grammar. Ignore that and enjoy!

Hello and welcome.
Welcome to the very first episode of the Purposeful Powerhouse podcast.
And I am so excited that you're here if you can't see me, I hopefully you can hear it in my voice, but I'm doing a happy dance right now, shaking my tail feathers because I have a lot of exciting things planned for this show.
I have great guests lined up.
I have incredible stories to share with you, tools that are truly life changing and incredibly impactful and surprisingly easy to share with you.
But before I do any of that, hi.
Hi, my name is Megan Nolan and I'm really excited and honored and grateful that you're here.
And I wanna use episode one as a little kickoff starting point, many small kind introduction to me so that, you know what's up in the coming episodes and let's jump right in.
It was a wintery evening in 1978.
Just kidding.
I'm not gonna take you that far back.
But yes, I'm a New Year's baby and it was a snowy evening when I entered the world.
But yes, it's been a journey.
It's been a journey.
Lots of twists, lots of turns and all of it has led me to where I am right now, currently sitting on the beautiful island of Maui, which is where I live.
And so many incredible lessons along the way.
And I love the quote by Jim Rone that says it's not the journey, it's the person that we become because of it.
That is the true goal, something like that.
But you get the idea, it's the person that we get to evolve into as a result of all the twists, all the turns that really is what we're working towards.
And that truly is what it means to be a purposeful powerhouse is to learn how to take control of your mind and think on purpose to be able to move your body in a way that feels good to you so that you keep it strong and healthy and vibrantly energized so that you can show up as your favorite self aligned, feeling amazing and be the purposeful powerhouse CEO that you truly are a CEO is someone that's in charge of the health and the direction of an entity.
If you are an entrepreneur, like me and many of the community members and clients that I have, then you are the CEO of your business, you might be and you also are the CEO of your life in charge of the direction of it in charge of your health.
And that's really what we'll be doing is learning lots of different tools and techniques that are part of the work that I do inside mindful strength, to be able to make the inner shifts to see the outer results that you're looking for, that you're craving that you've got on your vision board so that you can go beyond where you are right now and continue to evolve and continue to fully express yourself as you truly are.
And I know these tools to be effective both in myself and with my clients and in the work that I'm doing, because I've been doing this work as a personal trainer, a yoga instructor and a mental fitness coach for almost 18 years.
And so it all started after I graduated from university and I was learning all about gerontology.
So gerontology, as you may know is a study of aging.
I graduated from the University of Guelph and I decided, man, I don't know that I want to do this.
Other than that I really want to help, to help people thrive over the course of their lifespan and improve their quality of life by doing one thing that I have always loved to do exercise, exercise truly.
And this is verified by science is one of the most impactful things that we can do over the course of your lifespan for so many reasons.
And you know, we can go a little bit into the science, but I don't think we necessarily need to because you likely know the impact on muscle mass and bone density hormonal balance, stress reduction, all the things.
But I do it for all of those things.
But also because it has been a powerful tool set for me throughout the course of my life as a medicine in that, I mean, it has helped me to navigate the challenges of my life.
Physical challenges.
Yes, I'm a yoga instructor who has back pain occasionally, who has injuries that flare up occasionally.
So there's that but also to be able to navigate the ups and downs of anxiety, I have high functioning anxiety which is similar to general anxiety, except that anxiety for me is like the fast track rocket fuel of overworking, overdo overthinking.
That's how anxiety shows up in my life.
And so that's what I really am passionate about helping people with is to use the tools of yoga and exercise and mental fitness to be able to overcome it holistically using this brain and body based approach.
And so also navigate the challenges of depression and the stress of being an entrepreneur.
So I've always loved exercise and that's one of my gifts is to make it fun.
Squats can be fun.
What is this crazy lady saying? Yes, yes, they can, right? If you tap into the joy of movement and you do it because it makes you feel so incredibly great, then yes, it can be fun to do squats.
I'm not promising anything but I have converted quite a few people.
It's true.
I know.
Yes, I am a little bit crazy.
And yeah, in a lot of ways.
And actually that's one of the other things why I'm so passionate about this work is because I serve entrepreneurs and myself.
I have gotten that one way ticket, fast track pass on the Stress express and gotten to burnout town and crashed and burned several times into what I call the worn out entrepreneur.
Frantic, frazzled on the go go go brain going a million miles a minute.
Can't take a break because if you do everything will fall apart and if you do take a break, heaven forbid, you know, you're sitting there thinking like of all the mistakes you've ever made in your whole life and why the launch flops and why can you do better and just that spin? And that is really where my passion lies is to help you to make the shifts that matter, to go deeper than positive thinking into full transformation on the level of your body by truly taking the tools of the yoga practice of mental fitness into your life so that they become who you are.
I love a quote by BK Si Nar who said that yoga doesn't just change the way we look at things.
It changes the person that we are and there's similar quotes, right? You probably heard a similar one by Wayne Dyer, but it really changes who we are at the deepest level and it's so much more than standing on 1 ft and being balanced and doing a mean flamingo impression because yeah, that's important.
But really, it's who you are at your deepest essence when you're on the yoga mat that you get to tap into so that you can show up from that place of being calm, being centric, being grounded, being focused.
All of those beautiful things that you experience on the, on the beautiful piece of your life that is your yoga mat.
And so, yeah, I've, I've mentioned a few times mental fitness.
So I'll explain to you what that is really quickly and we'll go deeper into this in other upcoming episodes.
But that is learning to strengthen the muscles of your mind so that you can control your mind rather than having it control you being able to recognize the cast of characters that are in your head that are the ones that tell you, ah, nah, don't worry about it.
You can do your taxes later.
It doesn't matter.
There's, yeah, the deadlock is like months away or, uh, yeah, just keep going.
Don't, don't stop right now.
You don't have time for a break.
If they can't do it, you, you should just do it, you know, you know, why, why delegate it off to somebody else.
You can do it really quickly and it'll just be done and, you know? Oh, yeah.
You, yeah.
Um, what else? What else? Or, uh, it's never gonna work out.
I don't even know why I'm bother all of those voices of, you know, often being called like the inner critic, the mental fitness framework takes it much deeper than that.
And we'll explore that because we all have a cast of characters.
And the ironic thing is that you may feel the effects of them, but because they're sub patterns that you learned as a kid, you maybe don't know them right out of the gates.
But I guarantee you've heard that nasty voice in your head that tells you all the things that like is so mean that you probably wouldn't say that sort of stuff to anybody, right? Let alone like tell people that that's what's going on in your head, but it happens to all of us.
And so let's just normalize that.
And so because we all have that voice of fear in our head and that's the voice that is trying to keep you safe exactly where you are, which is thank the heavens above because it's gotten you where you are.
But that fear response is not necessarily conducive to massive success.
It's just not right because many of the things we do as entrepreneurs really kind of push the boundary of quote unquote safety.
And so what we learned to do is to create that within yourself, using these tools so that you can take power pauses.
And that's one of the tools you'll learn about take a pause, pressing pause on the go, go, go, go, go to come back to your center to come back into that state of deep connected awareness so that you can navigate the challenges so that you can maintain the perspective that there's a gift and an opportunity in everything.
You may not see it right away, but it's there.
And that's really the work that I am so honored to share and that we'll be diving deep into.
And so I will have special guests.
Um, one of which will probably make more appearances than others.
His name is Chirpy.
He's the Hawaiian rooster that I accidentally adopted a few years ago.
It's funny because who has a pet rooster.
It's ironic because I'm a, I'll be terrified of birds.
We'll talk about that too because I definitely have learned lessons from birds and in general having ones in my backyard all the time.
And so I don't live on a farm, but, you know, as you've probably noticed if you've been to any sort of temperate climates, we have a lot of chickens and roosters here on Maui and it's just, it's part of our wildlife because they don't really have a predator.
And so they just do whatever they want much to my landlord chagrin.
But anyways he will cock Adle do it up in the background.
And so, yeah, I just had to work it in part of my brand and it's actually kind of perfect because I um, a queen of morning routines and you'll learn about that too because I believe it's foundational to how you show up as your purposeful powerhouse self is having that intentional start to the day.
And so, yeah, it's kind of fun that I have a rooster, but I will have human guests.
I also have a furry friend that's here part time, my part time Puppy Bailey.
So he might be here too.
And I'm hoping to really offer a lot of value in these episodes and using the tools that have helped me to truly become the purposeful powerhouse CEO version of myself and, and get back to that when I've, you know, gotten on the stress express train and, you know, found myself totally wound up and burnt out and exhausted and in that defeated and depleted state that we will talk about as well.
And so really bringing some awareness to the dark cloud of entrepreneurship that 72% of our community is challenged by some sort of ad D A DH D depression anxiety.
And that really is what I do, helping other service based entrepreneurs to overcome anxiety, holistically in this brain and body based approach.
And so I would love to know of what I've shared here.
What popped out to you, what landed, what you're excited about? And I am so excited and honored to welcome you into this community because that's what we're doing here.
This is a movement.
This is a movement of people who care so much about how you feel that you're willing to make time for yourself daily.
Even if it's just a few minutes to listen to a podcast or do a little power pause, take a breath, breathing break, take some, take a yoga break, do some stretches, shake it off any of the tools that you'll learn so that you can be intentional about coming back to your center, coming back to that place of awareness and presence and compassion and all the beautiful things that are the natural qualities of you that are the leader that you want to show up as that has that impact change maker.
That is the true essence of who you are.
That is your purposeful powerhouse ceo self that we're going to be tapping into and hopefully living as and that's the movement, right? And so thank you for being part of it.
Thank you for being here and there's gonna be lots of great resources and tools that I share along the way.
But what I would love to invite you to do at the close of this episode here is to take a screenshot.
If you can't see the video, I'm frozen being my properly ridiculous self.
But take a screenshot and share it on your social.
Share it to your stories and tag me.
I am Megan Nolan.
That's who I am on Facebook on Instagram.
Excuse me, I am Megan Nolan and, and I'll post all the links in the comments below, but I'd love to know what jumped out at you.
What are you excited about learning? What's your movement? Share a little something.
Have you adopted a rooster to share one of your takeaways? Ok.
I love that.
And until next time, take good care.
Thank you for taking the time to move and breathe and show up on purpose as your purposeful powerhouse self.
See you soon take care


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