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AMBER: Creator "Shop From HER!"

"Megan's instructions were so spot on that I could literally feel when I hit the perfect posture. "OH! That's what it's supposed to feel like." Megan has a way with teaching/instructing that makes it so easy to land in the positions she's asking for.


Not only is it an empowering practice, but she also met my desire to learn the "why" behind each of the poses which helped me learn so much! Plus, she's also helped me to lose almost 50 pounds and fall in love with Yoga again!"


JULIE: Empowerment Coach

"I love how everything with Megan is holistic and considers my whole self: mind-body-spirit connection, and encourages me to be mindful, present and in my body. Her programs help me see and integrate all parts of my life from a health perspective and from all dimensions of health: mental, physical and emotional. 

Her natural joie de vivre is infectious, too! It’s obvious she practices what she preaches, cuz I can spot a bullsh*tter from a mile (or even half a continent + ocean) away. She shows up in her programs EXACTLY as she says she will. That’s so huge - and inspiring!!"


MICHAELA: Love and Relationship Coach

"I've struggled with being consistent with my self care in the past but the way Megan laid everything out was fantastic and so easy to stick with. 


 For the first time in so long I felt energized and motivated to achieve my goals. In working with Megan I've gotten so strong and flexible that I've totally stepped into and become the most powerful version of me yet!" 



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