It’s time to Power Up and Awaken Your Inner Warrior:

Make Holistic Health the Foundation of Your Purpose Driven Entrepreneurial Journey…In Just 12 Short Weeks!


Without adding a million more things to your TO DO list or wasting your precious time and hard earned $$ on things that don't work.

On average North Americans spend over $500/ month on wellness products or activities...

Yet remain some of the unhealthiest and unhappiest people in the world.

Maybe you've spent a small fortune on gym memberships, personal trainers, and Yoga apps that you haven't used in months.

Subscription notifications pinging, you're likely left feeling frustrated and frazzled...


All the while the nagging voice in your head is probably getting louder, saying you should be doing better at taking care of yourself.

But you just haven't found something that you love that gives you true holistic health....yet.

Waking up in the middle of the night your mind might like to frequently remind you that the clock is ticking, you're aging too fast, and not doing enough for yourself....

With everything spiraling out of control it's a toss up between tears or rage at any given second....which is certainly NOT your ideal state of being. 


With passions down the drain and self care at the bottom of the TO DO list, you're fast becoming the "Worn Out Woman".  

Luckily there's a solution that will give you everything you've been looking for in one easy to follow step by step experience.

Take me to it!

Just imagine how AH-mazing your life will be when you're:


🌟Waking up refreshed and ready for everything the day holds for you  

🌟 Feeling INCREDIBLE on every level: Your BODY is strong and energized, your MIND is calm and inspired, and your SPIRIT is joyful and light

🌟 Able to turn off stress and tap into creativity and laser focus on demand

🌟Fully and authentically aligned with your deeper purpose and true potential

🌟Spending so much of your day feeling how you want to feel that being on point and in flow is your new normal!

🌟Living with intention so you're climbing your mountain, writing your book, and leading your team from a place of trust and knowing


If you're SO ready for all of that and more, hold on to your frothy almond milk latte because I've got something you're gonna love...



The Warrior's Journey!

A total body, mind, and spirit transformational toolset to help you unlock higher levels of creativity and possibility in all areas of your life.



> Start each day with a strong intention so that your Saboteur sh*tty committee doesn't derail your plans

> Build a solid foundation for lifelong vitality with sustainable habits and routines

> Commit to your physical wellbeing so you wake up without pain and stand up without groaning

> Tone and strengthen all over so you feel so sexy and confident in your own skin that people wonder what you're up to

> Break the stop-start-struggle of inconsistency and make "YOU time" a non-negotiable (because it makes you feel AH-mazing on every level)

> Cultivate the essential tools to help you live on purpose everyday!

> Make your mind your most powerful tool and get rid of the time and joy burglars like procrastination and perfectionism 

Yes, I'm ready to be strong and energized!

If you've ever found yourself balled up on the floor in a puddle of tears you'll probably be able to relate to this...

I was working around the clock trying to help someone else grow their business as well as grow my own.

This meant I was so exhausted ALL THE TIME with no sense of joy or excitement about anything I was doing…I felt numb and empty.

One morning when I was lying on my Yoga mat crying (which was all my practice was at the time), somewhere between the swirling tornado of anxiety of the crushing weight of sadness I heard the quietest whisper from my heart say:

“This isn’t your path. You can’t go on like this. You’re a Warrior, you know the way.”

Of course my mind instantly piped in with all sorts of comebacks:

“You’ve made commitments, you can’t just back out.”

“You’ve done so much already, are you just gonna give up and quit?”

“You’re a Warrior? What the heck does that even mean?”

Having heard more than enough nonsense from my mind, I yelled out: “THAT’S ENOUGH!!! 

This battle cry become the line in the sand as I laid there repeating my heart’s guidance over and over:

“I am a WARRIOR, I will find a better way.”

And that I did. 

I introduced myself to the only Warriors I knew at the time, the ones I had met on the Yoga mat. 

As I dove into the wild story of resilience, courage, and determination that inspired the poses it took me on a journey.

This journey would transform me on every level as it unlocked more awareness and power.

This life changing practice has become the foundation of who I am by awakening the Warrior Woman within me.

In truth, it is a toolset that anchors me and helps me navigate the wild rollercoaster of life. 

The Warrior's Journey weaves together my 17 years of experience as a Personal Trainer, Yoga, and Group Fitness Instructor into one power packed program.

"Megan helped me be the strongest version of me possible and helped me lose 60 pounds!" 

"Working with Megan let me know I COULD do Yoga with ease with the right teacher. She helps you land in the poses like nothing I've experienced which gave me the confidence to keep showing up. And because of that she's helped me be the strongest version of me possible, helped me lose 60 pounds, and live from a place of confidence and trust in ME!"

Amber P:  Copywriter and creator of "Shop From HER!"

It's time for you to go from "Worn Out Woman" to being the Purposeful Powerhouse  you truly are with the:


It is my joy to weave all these essential elements for SOUL and SELF care together seamlessly into an all-in-one experience for you!

I'm ALL about that. Let's go!

If you haven't found an all-in-one program that gives you everything you've been looking for, then I'm willing to bet that you've been missing some of these key elements...

Key #1 Expand Your Vision:

  • Create a crystal clear vision and intention as the point of focus for your dreams and goals
  • Activate new empowering beliefs and ways of being to bring it fully to life with ease and speed
  • Cultivate deep presence and alignment to attract opportunities and abundance

Key #2: Experience It Now

  • Invigorate and strengthen your whole body so you radiate energy and confidence
  • Quiet the noisy chatter in your head so you're guided by your intuition and inner wisdom
  • Co-create easily with the universe since you live from a place of true alignment and embodiment 

Key #3: Exhale It Into Your Life

  • Unlock new knowledge and awareness that will help you take inspired action and gain momentum
  • Live from a place of balance and ease from the inside out as you co-create effortlessly
  • Awaken deep strength and trust to fully express yourself from a place of power and connection


Your Warrior's Journey explained:


Start your week with a clear intention and a Power Pause, then intuitively choose from weekly: 

Yoga Session

Boost your balance, strength, and flexibility to experience a deep sense of calm

Warrior Workout 

Combines toning and core exercises with Yoga for a full body workout 

Interval Warrior Workout

Rev up your metabolism with low impact cardio intervals, core work, and Yoga 

Five Minute Mini Session

Perfect for the days when you're short on time or needing a reset midday 

End each month with a live deep dive workshop to solidify your practice! 

"Working with Megan has helped me to become the most powerful version of me yet!"

"Megan was SO instrumental of helping me step into and become the version of myself that is a BADASS coach and entrepreneur. I've struggled with being consistent with my self care in the past but the way Megan laid everything out was fantastic and so easy to stick with. 

For the first time in so long I felt energized and motivated to achieve my goals. Her programs help me get so strong and flexible and I was able to participate fully at my own level which was great! Working with Megan has helped me step into and become the most powerful version of me yet!" 

Michaela L: Love and Relationship Coach








Yes, I'm SO ready!

The Warrior's Journey


 âœ”️Three unique pre-recorded thirty minute classes each week, plus a bonus weekly mini session ($997 Value)


✔️ Weekly Live Power Pause and Monthly Mastermind Workshop ($1997 Value)


✔️ LIFETIME access to these powerful tools, meditations, resources, accountability, and motivation


✔️ Exclusive community that will be cheering you on and supporting you every step of the way!



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The Warrior's Journey VIP


✔️Three unique thirty minute classes each week, plus a bonus weekly mini session ($997 Value)

✔️ Weekly Live Power Pause Sessions and Monthly Mastermind Workshop ($1997 Value)

✔️LIFETIME access to these powerful tools, meditations, resources, accountability, and motivation

✔️ Exclusive community that will be cheering you on and supporting you every step of the way! 

✔️ Alignment analysis, customized workout program, and 2 recorded workouts for you to use and keep ($697 value)

✔️ 12 private weekly sessions customized to your needs and goals ($2229 value)



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"Working with Megan encourages me to be mindful, present, and in my body!"

"I love how Megan's programs are holistic and considers my whole self: mind-body-spirit connection, and encourages me to be mindful, present and in my body. Megan's programs help me see and integrate all parts of my life from a healthy perspective and from all dimensions of health: mental, physical and emotional. 

Her natural joie de vivre is infectious, too! It’s obvious she practices what she preaches, cuz I can spot a bullsh*tter from a mile (or even half a continent + ocean) away. She shows up in her programs EXACTLY as she says she will. That’s so huge - and inspiring!!"


Julie R: Mindset and Empowerment Coach


BONUS #1: Expand Your Vision Workshop

Create a juicy and inspiring BIG vision for your life and work!
  • Create a juicy and inspiring vision that lights you up with joy and is your guiding north star to get to the top of your mountain
  • Gain clarity, insightful wisdom, and guidance on exactly who and how you are being so you can align with that YOU on every level NOW

 (Valued at $197!)

BONUS #2: Silence Your Saboteurs Workshop

Silence the negative committee in your head!
  • Learn powerful and practical tools to quiet your shitty committee and make your mind your most powerful tool 
  • Quickly turn off stress and tap into calm, confidence, and creativity on command
  • Stop the silent time and joy burglars of procrastination, perfectionism and people pleasing

  (Valued at $197!)

BONUS #3: Stoke Your Inner Fire Workshop

A journey through the chakras through breath work and sound!  
  • Clear and open your channels of manifestation and empowerment by tapping into your subtle energy centers
  • Experience the healing and transformative activation of breath work and sound to ignite your inspiration and drive 

  (Valued at $197!)

Your happiness is VERY important to me! 

If for any reason you're not feeling it and decide that this program isn't for you, no worries. You'll have 30 days to get a full refund, with proof that you have been doing the work! You will need to submit your weekly homework and attend at least 80% of the group sessions to receive the full refund.



You can stay right where you are: overwhelmed with all the things you have to do and frustrated because you aren't where you want to be (YET!!), chasing the next new health or workout trend, trying the same things over and over hoping that things will magically change.

Wishing that you could make the shift that would help you to finally break the cycle you're stuck in.....


You can become an PURPOSEFUL POWERHOUSE that is aligned to your vision on every level, deeply connected to your purpose, and out there making a massive difference in the world just by being your amazing self. 


Have questions about The Warrior's Journey?

"I became a better, more present person because of Megan's programs!"

"Megan's programs encouraged me to make self-care a priority and practice yoga and yogic principals in my life daily. It helped me feel better and have more energy so I could be more present for clients and my business.

I became a better, more present person because of working with her. Thanks to daily yoga practice, I physically and mentally feel better. I also LOVED Megan's positivity and encouragement plus the accountability and incredible community is a winning combo!"


Brandy R: Life and Business Coach

Awesome! You made it ALL the way to the bottom of the page. Isn't it time to make it to the top of your mountain?



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