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Go From Overwhelmed Overachiever to Purposeful Powerhouse! 

Join us on Wednesday August 24th to learn the 3 essential keys to "Wake the Warrior Within” so you can take control of your mind, energy, and focus!

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Hello amazing woman out there charging after life:

Have you been trying all the new workouts and Yoga styles but are quickly getting burnt out and stopping?

Do you have so many positive "pump me UP" post it notes on your mirror  that you can barely see your reflection?

Are you constantly getting tripped up by the negative sh*tty committee in your head, even though you know "you're a spiritual being having a human experience”?

You’re left with the nagging, disappointing feeling that you're not taking care of yourself the way you’d like to, and that totally stings.

It’s time to stop pacing back and forth like a hungry tigress trapped in a cage of busy-ness, trying really damn hard to make everything work.

I’m here to share with you a much easier way to achieve your goals without struggling.

 Many people don't realize that behind the Warrior poses in Yoga is an ancient story filled with PASSION, unshakable COURAGE, and DRIVE to forge a new path towards a powerful mission.


Within this story lie the 3 essential keys to help you:


🗝 #1: Activate the subtleties of the poses and unlock the potent teachings and tools that await you for use on AND off the mat

🗝 #2: Leverage your time by doing one session that will strengthen your body and mind simultaneously to give you vibrant holistic health

🗝 #3: Learn to intentionally direct your life from a place of deep knowing and trust by taking charge of your focus and true power


It's time for you to Wake the Warrior Within and reclaim control over your energy and mind!


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Hi, I'm Megan!


The moment when I found myself exhausted, burnt out, and ready to give up saying: I'M JUST NOT CUT OUT FOR THIS would have taken me to my knees...if I wasn't already in a crumbled heap on the floor. 

Not knowing what to do, I turned to what I had helped me in the past: Yoga. So I went on a journey deep into the practice on a quest for a change, direction, and strength.

And wow, did I find ALL of that and so much more.

The practice unlocked new meaning, wisdom, and drive within me. Ultimately it helped me re-ignite the fire within me to finally step forward and into the powerfully authentic version of myself.....and I can't wait for it to do that for you too!


If you're SO damn ready for this too then click the button below to join us on August 24th.

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Hi, I'm Megan!

Let me tell you a crazy story: back in 2012 my arms went NUMB! I’m talking NO sensation from fingertips to elbows in both of my arms. 

So there I was, totally FREAKED out with little to no feeling in either hand...

I searched high and low for the answers: massage, chiropractic, stretching, and anything that promised to help me. But still nothing resolved the issue until I went to a Physical Therapist who finally gave me the answer I needed.

He took one look at me and asked:

"How many hours do you sit at your desk everyday?" 

None, I said. He was shocked!

Based on my symptoms he said would have guessed I was an all day desk jockey.

I explained I am a personal trainer and Yoga instructor, and the only thing new I was doing was learning how to box 🥊 .

💡  Then the light bulb went off!

The rounded posture I was training in was just like someone who's on computer all day, hence the similarity in my symptoms.

Once he learned that he was able help me out of the situation. What a relief!

Even better was, that in teaching me all about the nasty side effects of sitting he gave me incredible tools to use in my professional practice.

Now, having improved the lives of hundreds of clients and students who are strapped to their devices all day, I've come to call this Sitter’s Syndrome.

Sitter's Syndrome describes the exhausting aches, pains, weight gain, and health issues that can show up when you spend all day sitting down....not only are they completely draining but they also can escalate into major health problems. 

So... are you ready to get out of pain and keep yourself strong and healthy for years to come?

Of course you are!

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The workshop will be about 60 minutes long, including time for questions!

We will be doing a short Yoga practice so please wear comfy clothes and bring your mat.

Yes, there will be a replay but only for 48 hours.


This workshop is in no way a substitute for medical diagnosis. The presenter does not guarantee any specific results or outcomes as a result of attending the workshop.